Friday, April 4, 2014

Müller FrütUp Summer Pack - Giveaway

You know how sometimes you make really great healthy choices all day, you get your exercise... but at the end of the day, you still want a special treat?

I've got a different type of indulgence for you!

Müller FrütUp Summer Pack

When I eat yogurt as part of my healthy living choices, there are certain things I look for.  Low in sugar.  Greek for the higher protein.  And, of course, probiotics is a main reason for eating yogurt.

But sometimes... you just want to be a little naughty!

Müller FrütUp is that type of indulgence!  It's tasty, it's a small portion, and it totally reminds you of summer!

It's been a long winter in the Midwest! As we've all been suffering through record-setting freezing temperatures, summer has never seemed so far away. If you can't escape to Florida or the Caribbean, stop by the Costco in your area, where summer is coming early, thanks to Müller yogurt.

This March and April, Müller FrütUp Summer Pack varieties will be available in favorite warm-weather flavors. Müller FrütUp offers a cool, creamy, lowfat yogurt that is topped with a vibrant layer of fruit mousse. The Costco 12 pack includes four of each summertime favorite varieties - Luscious Lemon, Strawberry and Orange!

And I have coupons provided by Müller for YOU!  

Leave a comment - about this yogurt, about the flavor you want to try, about your favorite indulgence, about what says "summer" to you - about anything!!  I will randomly select THREE winners on TUESDAY, APRIL 8.  Leave your comment so that I have a way to contact you (your email addy or letting me know that I know you personally), please!

3 Winners will each win 5 coupons for 1 free container of Müller FrütUp.  

This giveaway is now closed! Winners have been contacted.
I received a free 12 pack of 
Müller FrütUp for this promotion.  THe opinions are my own and the coupons are provided by a PR firm for Müller FrütUp.
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Sara said...

Love these yogurts! The pinneaple flavor is my favorite but the strawberry is a close second right now. I would love to try the lemon!

latanya t said...

The lemon flavor sounds good

dlatany at gmail dot com

Vunda Vall said...

i would love to try the strawberry kind!! these look super tasty!

dtdady at gmail dot com