Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Indiana Artisan - A Wrap Up

What a fantastic year it was at the 2014 Indiana Artisan Marketplace!  I found some new favorite things and enjoyed learning about crafty and artsy people and the wonderful things they can do (that I can't!).

Here are some of my favorite things (there's a LOT)!

Sage's Simple Syrups - um, love love love. No crappy ingredients.  SO flavorful. Great for adult beverages but also for ice tea or lemonade.

Kentucky's Smokin' Grill - I bought spicy bbq sauce (not spicy like hot- spicy like having many layers of flavor)

Front Porch Pretzels - I bought jalapeno strawberry jam and orange cranberry. Eager to have the orange cranberry on a turkey sandwich!

240Sweet - I've been a fan for a few years now. Eager to make the sweet and salty popcorn balls that Chef Alexa was demonstrating. And I picked up Nutella marshmallows!

One of my favorite finds - Bee Tree Pottery. I could have stayed and talked with the artist a long time. He creates pieces using methods and designs and sayings for the late 1700's and 1800's.  It was fascinating to learn about the techniques he uses - like sgraffito.

Newfangled Confections - yes, that is chocolate covered bacon!

Coe's Noodles - Jeff told me for years that his favorite meal was chicken and noodles.  It's an Indiana staple.  I'd never heard of it and had no one to make it for me the way he knew it.  I tried recipes but never got it quite right.  Last year, we went to the Marketplace together and samples chicken and noodles made with Coe's Noodles and the recipe that comes in the bag.  And it was right!  And I've since made it at home and made it right! So I stocked up on noodles!

Captain Jim's Hot Sauces - I first met Captain Jim at my local farmer's market a few years ago.  Since then, I've been pleasantly surprised to find that he remembers me when I find him at events like these and we also follow each other on Twitter.  So fun to see him again and sample his wonderful hot sauces!!

Winzerwald Winery - I bought 2 bottles of wine (cranberry and schweizer sweet) but am most excited to have signed the affidavit that will allow me to buy from them and have them ship wines to me!

The dates are already set for next year - March 28-29.  I've already set my calendar!!

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Liz Flaherty said...

I love these pictures! One day I AM going to go to this.

Anonymous said...

Funny, you covered so much in your pictures and missed my favorite booths! We loved two of the furniture makers - one had the most comfortable dining chairs, and the homemade moccasins!