Thursday, June 5, 2014


School's out and summer is here!  The kids have jumped right in to summer day camp at the YMCA and are busy with swimming and creek stomping an camp songs and crafts.  Our weekends are filling up with fun things like pool dates and sleepovers and baseball games and farmer's markets.

Last day of school!
For us, the routine of the weekday stays the same.  We get up at the same time.  Jeff and I still go to work.  The kids go to camp at the same time that they would have gone to school.  But the evenings are more laid back.  And the weekends are less chore and errand focused.

We've had some serious fun already.  We've spent time at the pool.  Zach and I went to our first "con" at Indy Pop Con.  Jeff was super proud and excited to have us there.  Teagan has overcome most of her anxiety about sleepovers and has kept a busy social schedule.  We've inherited a neighbor's trampoline and we have kids that love to come over and jump with our kids - which also means snacks, juice boxes, popsicles, and eventually the sprinkler comes out!

Zach and I being Wolverine!

Oh! Captain America! He's sooooo dreamy!
More adventures and summer time fun are on the docket for the coming months... summertime for us includes:

- Days at the YMCA pool
- Trips to the Farmer's Market
- popsicles, ice cream, watermelon, corn on the cob, strawberries
- The Indiana State Fair in August
- gardening (I've planted cilantro, tomatoes, green pepper, and jalapeno)
- Fireworks (we get to enjoy displays for different events right from our backyard or driveway)
- church camp (Teagan going for the first time, I'm going as a counselor)
- weekend getaways

How about you? What are you most excited for this summer?

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Karen M. Peterson said...

Sounds like you are off to a great summer!

I'm mostly looking forward to my trip to Europe! I can't believe I'm going and I am SO excited!

Katherine said...

I'm actually exhausted with all our summer plans. What I want is to have long endless days where there might be the temptation to be bored. But we are just so busy.

Garret said...

It's great to have superheroes in your life!