Friday, June 6, 2014

I've Got Disney Fever

I've got a fever. Disney fever.

Jeff and I are eagerly awaiting our upcoming trip at the end of August.  We'll celebrate our 11th anniversary and my 40th birthday and our first ever no-kids vacation!  We still haven't told the kids we're going to Disney without them - only that we're going away for a weekend.  And we don't plan to tell them!

We've had a loose plan to go back as a family in the summer of 2015 and Teagan hasn't forgotten it.  She often mentions the things we will do when we go to Disney next year.

So you can imagine how happy I was to check out the Disney Store online and find our family shirts on sale! Seriously - how CUTE are we going to be???  (Jeff - stop rolling your eyes!)

And do you know it nearly broke my heart when I didn't see this shirt in my size?  I considered buying a shirt 2-3 sizes too big just to have it.  Thankfully, I did find it in a different section in my size!! Wahoo!  Pooh Bear AND free hugs???  It seriously should just have my name literally on it.


I wish we could all go right now.  But I also know that the youngest in our family still isn't quite ready.  In a year, I think he will have a new level of bravery and be able to enjoy the rides in a bigger and better way.  Plus, in a year, Teagan will be 10 and Zach will be 7 and those feel like perfect ages to be able to really enjoy a full day of fun and an evening of fireworks!

It's silly, really.  I find myself perusing websites and blogs and Pinterest and so on, looking for something I don't know about Disney, something I need to study and learn and absorb.  But really - Disney is something you experience and you learn as you go.  I "studied" like crazy before our family trip last year and I feel like I learned a ton but it was being on the ground that really mattered.  I'll need to brush up before Jeff and I tackle the parks - but when it's just the 2 of us, the strategy will be a bit more laid back!  But then that fever starts to creep in and I want to plan and study and... let's be honest, I want to daydream about being at Disney World!

Side note - A big reason why I don't worry so much about planning and knowning everything before I hit the ground is because I have a travel planner in my back pocket named Katie from Hi Ho Vacations.  She is at my fingertips before we go and while we're there and can help us with any situation!  I highly, highly recommend using a planner! It costs you nothing - if you do all the planning yourself, Disney gets the planning fee.  If you use Katie at Hi Ho, Katie gets that fee instead of Disney.  It totally rocks.

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Karen M. Peterson said...

I love living so close to Disneyland. It's funny because people ask me how I never get sick of it. I just love Disney so much that I can't imagine ever getting tired of it. I could go just about every day.

Katherine said...

We are going to Disney World for the first time this summer. It's part of a much longer trip, but maybe we should have used a planner, because the two days at Disney took more time and effort and stress to plan than the entire rest of the trip. I'm very excited, but hoping our time there isn't as stressful as the time planning our time there.

Garret said...

We're going for a week in November! Jim was our planner... he likes doing that.