Thursday, June 26, 2014


Do you pray?

It's a pretty personal question.  Prayer is all about a conversation between me and God.  Right?

Sometimes we pray altogether.  Sometimes we pray a pre-written prayer and just recite it together.  Sometimes we hold hands and pray freely together.  And sometimes prayer is just a conversation between a person and God.

I pray.  A lot.  Daily.  Sometimes not as much as I'd like and sometimes prayer is the only way I get through my day.  I don't stop and kneel down and fold my hands an dbow my head every time I pray.  Sometimes it's just a conversation while I'm driving.  Sometimes while I'm at my desk.  Sometimes while I lay in bed.

Back in January, I set my Bible verse and word for the year.

I don't generally pray for certain outcomes.  I do sometimes, selfishly.  I will pray for healing, I will pray for things to go in the way I think is best.  I try not to but sometimes it just really feels like praying for what looks to me as the best outcome is ok.  But most of the time, I pray for understanding and for compassion and for relief and for peace.  I pray for God to use me in the situations around me.  I pray for God to work through me.

Maybe you aren't comfortable with prayer.  Maybe it's been a long time since you prayed.  Maybe you aren't sure that you even believe He's listening - or that anyone is listening.  I challenge you to take some time to pray each day.  Even if it's just to say hello.  Prompt yourself to pray each day and see if things don't feel different in a week or two.  See if your relationship with God hasn't gotten closer in some way.

And keep in mind that I love to pray for others.  So please never hesitate to ask if you need additional prayers!

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AndreaV said...

I like the idea that you only need three prayers in your whole life: Help, Thanks and Wow!

Karen M. Peterson said...

I needed this post today. I need the reminder to talk to God much more often than I do.