Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Learning: Summer Camp Care Packages

Teagan and I are off on a brand new adventure next week.  We are going to church camp!  I'm going to be a camp counselor and Teagan is a camper.  It's a sleep away camp - with cabins, thankfully.

One of the cool things about camp, from what I hear, is mail call.  Letters from home, letters from loved ones, and maybe even a care package to enjoy and also share with your bunk mates...

These days, sending snacks inc are packages isn't as "acceptable" as it used to be.  So I've been scratching my head about what fun things Daddy can send to us in a care package.  Here's what I've come up with so far... and after the week is over, I bet I'll have some other ideas!


We will have "flat on bunk" time each day - time to rest, read, craft quietly, write letters, etc.  But time to be quiet in your bunk.  So kids like my daughter will certainly need some entertainment.  And since my girl loves to read... some books about camp would be awesome!  Since we're going to church camp, it would be nice to send a devotional for girls or something like that. 

Here's a list I found on Goodreads of Summer Camp Fiction for Young Readers.  It includes one of my favorite memories... one of the books I read over and over as a kid - 


We will be packing the Rainbow Loom and also embroidery floss for friendship bracelets.  Teagan enjoys crafts and there are some great crafty books/small kits that she would be able to do independently.  It can't be stuff that's going to require cutting or taping or glue or help from an adult.

Duct tape in fancy prints or colors and printed instructions on things to make.

Cat's Cradle Kit
This Pipe Cleaner Book

Fun Stuff

Hit the dollar store or something similar and get some bubbles, glow sticks, jump ropes, frisbees, temporary tattoos, stick on mustaches.  And at just a dollar an item, send a few extras for the camper to share with friends!  

Camp Needs

Hair things like hair elastics or headbands for girls.  Lip balm.  Aloe spray or lotion.  A flashlight.  A fresh pillow case.  Extra pairs of fun socks.  More bug spray, sunscreen.  Bottles of water and the liquid flavoring. 


If food is allowed, it's always fun to get a sweet treat or favorite snack from home!  Especially when you can share it with your friends.  Pop Rocks, Gummy Bears, Gum, Tic Tacs, Swedish Fish, Animal Crackers, Fruit Leather,  bag of favorite chips.  I'd think it's best to only send a small amount of food - you want the kids to eat it up right away and not let it sit in the bunk.

But best of all... letters, emails, cards.  Just something to let that camper in your life know that he or she is being thought of and loved.  I plan to take extra stationary and cards so that I can write notes to any kids that we notice aren't getting mail - because every kid should hear their name at least once at mail call!

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Katherine said...

Great ideas. I've contemplated sending my kids to overnight summer camp, but they are so painfully shy and such home bodies, I'm just not sure they would enjoy it.

Michelle said...

I was a camp-a-holic when I was a kid. Loved loved loved overnight camp. I only ever went for a week at time, so I didn't get care packages, but mail call was the most exciting. Loved that my parents and a few friends always wrote to me : )

Ann-Marie said...

Fun ideas! Although aaah I'm not sure if I'll ever let my kids go to sleep-away camp, but good for you that you're volunteering as a camp counselor! Hope you post your experience when you return!