Monday, April 20, 2009

Meme Meme x 4

Joanie tagged me...

8 Things I’m Looking Forward To

1. Lunch (McAlister's with my mom, husband, friend)

2. Going home/being with my family

3. The weekend

4. Teagan starting pre-K at Little Explorers

5. Watching my children grow up

6. Our next theatre experience

7. Getting back to theatre myself someday

8. Vacation!!

8 Things I Did Yesterday

1. Woke up

2. Made breakfast (scrambled eggs with cheese and sausage)

3. Went to church

4. Picked up KFC for lunch

5. Had a tickle fight/wrestling match with Teagan, Zach, Tigger, and Pooh on the living room floor

6. Went to the library (to get Frog and Toad books, of course)

7. Made chicken quesadillas for dinner

8. Went to bed

8 Things I Wish I Could Do

1. Fly

2. Pee standing up (without making a mess of myself)

3. Wear high heels without pain

4. Blog for a living

5. Cook more often

6. Be invisible

7. Make fudge

8. Vacation!!

8 Shows I Watch

1. Amazing Race

2. Big Bang Theory

3. How I Met Your Mother

4. Heroes

5. Lost

6. Survivor

7. The Office

8. 30 Rock

8 People I Tag (Going off of the most recently posted list over on the right there)

1. Isabella @ A Look On The Random Side

2. Jackie @ 5th Time's the Charm

3. Heather @ Strangers in a Normal Land

4. Grace @ Living Life with Grace

5. Andrew @ A Long Patience

And some love for my non-blogging commenters- leave some answers in the comments- don't feel like you have to do them all...

6. Non-blogger Lynn

7. Non-blogger C3

8. Non-blogger Nancy

That was only 5. Doesn't it seem like a meme about 8 should have 8 things?

8 Songs on My Music Player (I put mine on shuffle and am just going to share the first 8 that cycle through)

1. Almost Like Being in Love (Brigadoon)

2. Sunset (Bird of Prey) - Fatboy Slim

3. Better Is One Day- Matt Redman on the Veggie Tales Worship Songs CD

4. Groove Is In The Heart- Deee-Lite

5. Hella Good- No Doubt

6. Single Ladies- Beyonce

7. Pocketful of Sunshine- Natasha Bedingfield

8. I Got My baby- Faith Hill

8 Favorite Warm Weather Activities

1. Visiting local splash parks

2. Going to the Zoo

3. Going to Connor Prairie (ok- it is going to be a fave activity this summer, I'm hopeful that way)

4. Playing on the deck my husband built for our family

5. Driving with my sunroof open

6. Riding bikes

7. Taking evening walks

8. Vacation!!

8 Favorite Happy Things

1. Jeff

2. Teagan

3. Zach

4. Sassy

5. Friends

6. Sunshine

7. Sweet Tea

8. Vacation!!


Joanie said...

Great answers!

Yeah, I thought it was odd that there were only 5 things to list instead of 8. Although, I don't think I'm going back and adding them! :)

Alison said...


Oh, I thought we were doing kind a a blog-wave thing. Plus, you know, I like saying "Vacation!!" enthusiastically, too.

Eternal Lizdom said...

I am all for a big old VACATION!! wave!!

Boozy Tooth said...

We both want to be invisible and fly. Why not?! Fly invisibly all the way to our vacation spot.

Nancy said...

Aww thanks for the love Liz. It is so funny you said this, because I have a list of things I wish I could do (and I am working on some of them).
1 Create my own recipes instead of following them
2 Sew
3 Knit
4 Blog
5 Retire
5 Bake fresh bread every week
6 Grow a garden the way my grandma did
7 Drink without getting sleepy
8 Be a girly girl more often!

Nancy said...

Okay, so I can't count, but I still want to do all 9 things on my list!

Anonymous said...

I'm doing this one on Wednesday along with your "cajones" post too. I'm just gonna combine a few memes that I've gotten over the last week :)

I loved your answers!

Jackie E. said...

Thanks for get well wishes! Whenever I visit your blog I usually leave with a smile on my face for one reason or another and today is no different. Keep doing what u do!