Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Easter Bunny is God

So we didn't plan to "do" the whole Easter Bunny thing this year. Teagan never asked about the Bunny, we don't go to malls so she hasn't seen the giant Bunny, and no one has really brought it up.
We decided we would just have Easter baskets be a gift from Mom and Dad.
This morning, she asked. "Is the Easter Bunny coming to our house?"
"No, honey. Mommy and Daddy will have baskets for you and Zach. The Easter Bunny will take care of the kids who have parents who can't afford to fill their baskets for them."
Sounded good to me!
"Oh! The Easter Bunny helps people?!"
"Yes, honey."
"Oh! Just like God! God helps people!"
"Yes, honey!"
"The Easter Bunny is GOD!!"
Hadn't planned to take it there. But I understood her logic. And we were trying to get out the door to head to church for the big Easter Egg hung and Christian Carnival (all the preschool/Sunday School rooms have different crafts and games). So I let it go.
I'm not sure how many people at church learned from Teagan about the Easter Bunny's secret identity... hopefully he doesn't stop by our house and leave a paper bag of bunny turds on the front porch as retribution for blowing his cover.


Nancy said...

I hope the Bunny doesn't leave a big bag at your house. Delainey has watched Max and Ruby so much that she is excited about hunting eggs again tomorrow.

I am trying to leave my comfort zone and comment more. Maybe some day I will have a blog of my own!!

Eternal Lizdom said...

I'm proud of you, Nancy! If you start a blog... I wanna be your first follower and will comment oodles!

T will get really into the hunt thing tomorrow at Grandma's house. It's their "thing."

Alison said...

Rosie and I saw the Easter Bunny on our walk this morning. She wanted to invite it for breakfast, but I nixed those plans.

You've been very busy blogging this week, and I have NOT been keeping up. You fell off my Follow list, somehow.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know I wrote a whole post with you in mind! AND...I went and left a comment for that song thing you seem to be getting worked up about.

Happy Easter; Miss Chef and I will both be working brunch, so don't expect any Easter posts from me!