Friday, April 3, 2009

A Post for Garret and Jim

So I get the kids to bed and start flipping channels. And happen upon a show about RVing. Immediately, I think of my blog friends- Jim and Garret. The show starts with a $360K class A RV. Leather seating, lots of room, outdoor media center for entertaining. The Avanti... 70% better fuel economy. Slimmer, lower chassis. 14.7 miles per gallon. Flip down bed in teh front, queen size bed in the front. LED lights that don't heat and are more energy efficient. Front windshield is one piece, not 2. The Monaco Dynasty ($500K)... Lots of interior woodwork. Cherry cabinets, leather seats, ceramic tile floor with radiant heat. Stainless convection oven, appliance, hideaway pantry. King size sleep number bed, security monitor, access to both bathrooms- very spacious master bath (sink, counter, shower, washer and dryer, and floor space). So this show is going to have me thinking that J&G are out there, eating at Spago, visiting castles, and riding around in total luxury! That's exactly how it is, right? The show is "RV 2009." Now we are looking at Class C RVs. They drive like a car. Right. Price range is $50K and up. Four Winds Chateau is a 28' RV and costs $80K. Lots of counter space and nooks and crannies. Over the drive sleep area. The bathroom has a mini tub and they are going nutso over it. Dinette folds out to a full size bed, too. The Class C's are perfect for families because of all the sleeping compartments. I'd imagine the price range is better, too. The Super Max. 22' and $150K. Great overhead sleeping area, fold out couch, and dinette changes to a bed, too. Plus the bedroom in the back0 queen size bed and 2 closets. And bunk beds with individual DVD players! The Jayco Embark. 39' and $215K. Lots of space, slide out living area. Nice counter space. Walk space on both sides of bed. Sleeps 6. Jackknife couch, sleeper sofa. Fleetwood Icon. 23' $93K. 5x5 kitchen, 3 beds. No master bedroom. Large bathroom. Full tub. RV Gear. Top 9 in '09. Must haves. 9. The e-pad. Keeps your laptop steady while traveling and keeps your lap cool. 8. Car charging valet. Holds your electric gadgets in one place while you charge them up. Also stores chargers. Huh. 20 minutes in and... I'm done. I need a snack. So check out the HGTV website link up there and dream of the fantabulous lifestyle that Garret and Jim must be living!!


Garret said...

Sweet! Thanks. I'm bummed I missed that. Watching one of these shows a long time ago, (before RVing) is what gave us the idea of putting the cat litterbox and food in the basement along with a cat flap that Jim installed into the steps.

Funny, we're traveling as I type, we got the generator on so I could catch up with the blog. I haven't even finished ready my followed blogs for the day but skipped to this entry when I saw my name.

Jim is driving so I read it out loud to him!


Boozy Tooth said...

Dang, Liz. First you got me hooked on getting a Wii Fit so Larry had to go out and buy that. Now it's RVs.

I'm totally blaming you when Larry gets the bill.

Waving and blowing kisses to JAG.

Joanie said...

I remember sending Jim and Garret an email with a link for this one super luxurious RV. They're amazing (the Rvs AND the guys!)

Eternal Lizdom said...

Alix- if the day comes that you end up with an RV, I demand that your first trip be to Indiana!!

The Courteous Chihuahua said...

#1 - Yes, Alix. If you get an RV swing by Indy - I think we could have some fun. ;-)
#2 - Liz, I must never let my husband watch this show. We had a camper - nothing near the luxury you saw, but it was bad news. He is a lunatic - think Daniel Stern in The Tourist Trap. If he could actually back it up, or do anything even remotely mechanical, that might be okay. He seems to think that's how I want to spend our Golden Years, bumbling around the US in an RV.

Anonymous said...

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