Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Just a little FYI...

Isabella and ShankRabbit totally rock and I am glad to have met them out here in the blogosphere. I hope no one took all my belly aching seriously- I've just been having oodles of fun with the whole thing!! And Mr Code Shank Rabbit Daddy has a little sumpin sumpin planned for lil old "fascinating" me! Yahoo!


Alison said...

Oooo, sounds intriguing...hmmm.

I actually stopped by to reply to your cucumber-root-untangling comment, which will seem totally out of place here. So it goes.

I think that it depends on the plants in question. I remember my parents telling me to be careful with cucumber vines; once disturbed, they give up easily. So maybe they are just fragile little things. I just separated and transplanted some tiny basil sprouts and they seem to be doing ok.

The key to messing with roots is to get them back in the dirt and watered in ASAP. Too much exposure to air will kill them. So if Jeff spent 15 minutes on each tangle, that might have hurt them too.

When in doubt, experiment. Replant, and if it happens again, untangle some, leave some others together, see who does better. And please don't despair; give yourself two or three seasons to learn!

Or I will hunt you down and make you try again...for your children's sake. :P

Eternal Lizdom said...

Thanks for sharing all of that- neither of us had heard that!! See- good gardening advice!

Garret said...

Long live Shank!