Thursday, April 9, 2009

Today's Workout is Brought to You By...

The letter OUCH!
Today's workout was T O U G H. But really good. And the cool thing? This can totally be done at home. No weights, no equipment. Just a lot of self motivation. We did this in 30 minutes so you could easily do this while watching your favorite sitcom. And if you prefer hour long shows or are just way healthier than me... double everything and make it last an hour!
And for any Indy readers, our Boot Camp is a special class designed by the personal trainer who owns the gym we belong to. You can check out their website.
Here's a list of the torture. When our trainer, Brad, sent the e-mail listing everything we had done, I was pretty floored! I can't believe I did ALL of this!!! Yay for me and Christy!!
Run in Place 200 (steps) Jumping Jacks 40 Run in Place 200 Windmill 40 (legs spread, reach up high and then cross and down towards your foot, back reaching up high and cross down to the other foot) Run in Place 200 25 Y Squats (legs spread, arms straight up) Run in Place 100 10 Push Ups Run in Place 100 10 Push Ups Run in Place 100 10 Push Ups Run in Place 200 15 Crunches
Run in Place 200 15 Crunches
Run in Place 200 15 Crunches
Run in Place 100 30 Toe Raises (stand up on tiptoe, back to flat foot, repeat) Run in Place 100 30 Toe Raises Run in Place 200 20 Scissors (lie on back, lift legs slightly off ground, criss cross legs, first right goes up, then bring right down as left goes up. Legs stay off the ground.) Run in Place 200 20 Scissors


Alice said...

dang.. just reading down your list makes me tired. I'm living vicariously through your workout.

Valerie said...

wow...I just hurt my leg on the wii fit, I can't imagine. I think that might kill me...maybe I'll try it after easter break..

Boozy Tooth said...

I think you just earned your black belt in Calisthenics!

Way to go Lizzipoo. You inspire!

Amy Kate said...

I just looked at the list, and I don't see a snack or nap worked into the middle anywhere! I'm very impressed!