Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Birthday Meal

I've shared my OAKLEYS bistro dining experience before. It was amazing and unforgettable. Christy was jealous. So we used my birthday as an excuse to go and enjoy that Tuesday wine tasting and 3 course meal. Oakleys did not disappoint!
foie gras parfait honey fois gras mousse / fried fruit and vidalia onion compote / maderia cream
potato crusted mahi mahi baby vegetables / eggplant puree / tomato fondue / heirloom feta relish
We didn't know what this was. Thankfully, Steven Oakley came by our table and we were able to receive a little education on our baby vegetables. French green beans, baby asparagus and the unknown veggie was baby bok choy (it was uber yummy).
ice cream / sorbet tasting pineapple ginger snap ice cream / strawberry balsamic sorbet
The pineapple ginger is on the left. It was the hands down favorite. The pineapple wasn't overwhelming but brought a crisp tropical whimsy to the depth of the ginger. The middle dish was strawberries, dried strawberries, a cream sauce, and mini shortbread cookies. And on the right is the strawberry balsamic sorbet. That was a fascinating and delicious experience. The balsamic hits your tongue first and you fill up your taste buds with that distinct flavor (but not overwhelming or strong, mind you). It sets the stage perfectly for the strawberry that comes after- making the strawberry sweeter. So good!!
Thank you to my bestest girlfriend Christy. Like a sister. No words. So much to enjoy and explore together. An aunt to my children. Someone I can always trust to be completely honest with me. Someone I can crack up laughing with. Someone who will fight to save my marriage and always help me do what's right. Totally and completely in my corner. Love ya!!


mimbles said...

Baby bok choy is goooood, it's a toss up between that and gai lan (chinese broccoli) for the green stuff when I make stir-fy.

It looks and sounds a delicious meal, if I wasn't already stuffed to the gills with the Japanese take-away that we just had for dinner I'd be drooling.

Mary Ellen said...

Gee, I'm hungry now. You should be a food critic. Everything sounds so delicious as you describe it. Maybe it's a future career?

Alison said...

Oooo, ahhhh...that looks like FUN for the mouth!

I'll have to tell Miss Chef about some of those flavor combinations, particularly the ice creams. Strawberries + balsamic = big winner.

(At our local fave Passion 8, they put a balsamic reduction on most of the plates, and Miss Chef always laughs at me, because I sponge up every drop with the bread, it's so yummy!)

Garret said...

It sounds yummy yet snobby. :-) Yeah, I've eaten at Emeril's and Wolfgang Pucks. I know snobby dishes and descriptions when I see them. Happy Birthday!

Jackie E. said...

That spread looks and sounds (and I bet tasted) like an episode of Bravo's "Top Chef". Sure would've loved to be at that table! Hope u didn't over eat:-) I'm sure I would've....