Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Fragments

Another nod to Mrs4444 and Half Past Kissin' Time! It's Friday Fragments! A great way to wrap up a bunch of loose ends from the week... ** I went to church Wednesday night- as we always do for Wednesday Night ConneXion. It's dinner and then small groups and a weekly VBS-type thing for the kids. I had been attending a group of mostly parents, mostly married folk. But the women's group started a new series about knowing Jesus and it sounded interesting so I joined up with them a couple of weeks ago. This week, a young woman joined the group. She used to come to our church regularly. I know very little about her but know who she is. She hasn't been at church in about a year. But this past week... she'd been going through a very difficult time. She shared with us that she was ready to give up. Ready to be done. But she came back. Like the prodigal son. And was welcomed with open arms and prayers and was greeted with support and understanding. I'd had a "bad day" and being able to support someone who is actually going through a crisis... helped me realize my blessings. ** I'm totally hooked on Track and Field. I blame Jackie and Brianna. Brianna will be competing in Berlin- World Championships. Jackie was injured so I won't have the joy of rooting for her. The one thing I like about my little digital TV here at work is having NBC's Universal Sports Network. Track and Field, Swimming, Diving, and more. All the stuff I loved watching in the Olympics, all the events and sports that used to make ABC's Wide World of Sports so fun... here on my little digital TV. Aug 15 - 23 are the World Championships in Berlin. Tune in! Jackie reads my blog so- Hi, Jackie!! I don't think Brianna knows I exist so... I'll still be cheering her on when she jumps! ** Do famous people still get star struck when they meet famous people? Or does the excitement wear off? I remember when Sherri Shepherd first started on The View and you could really tell when she would be starstruck when interviewing someone big like Morgan Freeman or something. Not so much anymore. Maybe my Track and Field bloggers have some insight... is meeting the big names in Track and Field a big deal? Usain Bolt, anyone? ** I set up a little something randomly nice at work. A while back, I purchased one of those massage things that attach to the back of a chair. I got it on an incredible clearance deal at Target. So I set it up in a little public yet blocked off area in the office. And put up "free massage" signs. I know a few people have been enjoying it- myself included. It's really a nice little break from the drudgery of phone calls, voicemail, e-mail, running reports, etc. ** I've set my Friday Fragments to auto-post on Friday morning. I better be done with them by then! ** I'm planning on stalking blog lists. I'm feeling the need to grow and expand a bit. Find some new blogs, maybe get some more readers. I love getting new insights and perspectives! ** I also love the old insights and old perspectives.

** Next week has the potential to be stressful as Jeff will be downtown Indy for GenCon- a huge gaming convention. He works for True Dungeon- a live action type version of Dungeons and Dragons. Seriously. He's gonna go spend a week running around a dungeon. The complication? He has a tear to some part of his right shoulder. He sees the ortho today to find out the plan of action. Hopefully he gets through the week without further injuring himself. Or worsening the injury he has.

** I am so glad that my baby girl loves school. She loves school!

** My little Zen player is still my best friend. I watch some stuff on my digital TV- see above. But my lovely husband keeps me well entertained with my Zen. This week, I've been all about Psych. Have you seen Psych? It brings back the novelty and innocence of solving murders. None of the harsh reality of crime- just fluffy, silly murder. Very fun show. Check it out if you haven't before. New season starts tonight, too!

** That's it for my Friday Fragments... hope you enjoyed them!


Ron said...

I wanna go to GenCon! (But I do hope Jeff doesn't get hurt)

My girls LOVE school too... and I can't wait till it starts. My boys don't share their stepsister's enthusiasm.

Garret said...

Jeff's job sounds fun.

Eternal Lizdom said...

@CK GenCon, from a gamers' perspective, is wicked cool. I'm not a gamer but am married to one. So I get the wicked cool factor from his excitement and witnessing the work he puts in. Some guys go out fishing or hunting for a week or spend every Friday night at the bar with their buddies or play poker or... not my husband. He's a gamer. His life revolves around coming up with various puzzles and special effects and sound cues to make the dungeon experience as real as possible for other gamers.

Joanie said...

John LOVES going to those things! he plays D & D every Friday night. Not live action though.

♥ Braja said...

I like the first one; helping works, doesn't it?

Caution/Lisa said...

What a wonderful Wednesday night for you! Small groups can be the absolute best.

Kori said...

Sigh, would you come to MY office and hook up a massage thingy to my chair? I could TOTALLY be a lot more productive if I was getting a massage!

Mary Ellen said...

Great fragments, Liz.

I like Psych, too (although I am still so jealous about your Zen!)

I also enjoy watching Track and Field. Maybe it's because I have no skill in that area whatsoever.

I love that you are the kind of person who would set up free massages for your co-workers.

Stacy Uncorked said...

That is so great that the person who was going to 'give up' was able to be uplifted by you - and you were able to count your blessings, too! :)

GenCon would be so much fun - hopefully your hubby doesn't injure himself further with all that fun! ;)

Finally someone else who has a Zen like me! :) I haven't tapped into all it can do, yet, but I'm working on it! And I LOVE Psych!

Happy Friday! :)

Mrs4444 said...

I definitely enjoyed your fragments this week!

The church family is the heart of the church itself. I'm glad you're a part of it. We are, too. It feels good to support others.

That DD thing sounds like a BLAST, right up there with BlogHer for me. And yes, the starstruck thing wears off real fast; they're people just like us :)

If you don't already read her, read NieNie-She's wonderful. Go all the way back to the beginning and read to decide for sure; but set aside some time, because you will be very compelled to read the whole year's worth.

Anonymous said...

My husband is a track and field coach.

I bet famous people still get star struck.

Great fragments!

Claudya Martinez said...

How nice of you to set up the massage chair. I love those. There is one at my local Walgreen's and I sit in it whenever I go there. I tell my husband I've been to the spa.

mub said...

That's awesome that you set up the massage chair for everyone to use! What a great idea =)