Friday, August 21, 2009

State Fair Pics

A shot of Main Street before filling up with people
First stop- Pepsi Coliseum

Mane bokeh

Crop/whip lady

Crop/whip gal
National Clydesdale Queen from Ohio


Horse with Ribbon

Early morning food prep

In case you weren't sure... don't eat out of this dumpster.

Tap dancing seniors!

Tap dancing seniors!

Lady with long hair, braided and looped up.
Know what this is? No! A clock!

Old state police car

Ethanol promo guys who asked to have their pic taken.

Some of the $2 Taste of the Fair offerings!

Pretty rose outside Our Land Pavilion

Cheese sculpture

Cheese sculpture of... cheese

Cool pics of a sand sculpture in the Our Land Pavilion

Woman taking wool and making yarn
Weaving on a gourd
Loom weaving

The fabric that has been woven thus far at the Fair. When the Fair is over, the material will be cut into scarves and donated to a local shelter.

Teagan coming to join Mommy at the Fair

and Zach, too!
Checking out the cows- Albino cow with weird spotted eyes

Lazy cow
Thinks you can't see her cow
many breast pumps

Naughty dogs!
Shots from our ride on the Ferris Wheel

Naughty, naughty dogs!
Jeff, very excited to have found the "CAN-ship Enterprise." Canned goods were built into structures by teams- other examples include a ferris wheel, a hippo from the classic childhood board game, a steam roller, a pagoda... all canned goods will be donated to Gleaner's Food Bank after the Fair.
This is what can happen when you ask Zach to smile!
Sax player from the Ball State Jazz Emsemble
Drummer from the Ball State Jazz Ensemble
Eating corn!

Feeding goats
It was also Red Hat day!
Teagan, kicking back with her much sought-after corn dog
Zach enjoying every moment of his candy stick
Enjoying the Crane Construction buildling with the chalk board wall and little plastic hard hats!
Teagan getting her hand traced by the coppersmith in the Pioneer Village
A sampling of other cookie cutters
Pioneer Village- The potter
Wagon full of farmers!
The Whacky Wheeler!

Making sure all smokers are comfortable while reading the anti-smoking messages printed on the inside of the shade umbrellas...

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