Sunday, August 23, 2009

State Fair- Last Day

Getting on the Indiana State Fair Train
Jeff and Zach. Jeff is apparently really excited about riding the train.
We rode down with Miss Lisa and her son, Jacob.
We met one of the harness racing horses. She has a race tomorrow. She loves attention.
She was fond of Zach, too.
Making friends with a barn cat
Corn dogs for breakfast??
Porch Swing


Classic Ford
Red Tractors
Jeff found something of interest- the Blacksmith
Teagan, the welding cat
Great t-shirt!
A mid-golf game break
Zonked out
Golfing help from Daddy-pro
This was scary. A grain bin. There are deaths every year from people getting trapped inside. There was a video playing telling what to do if someone is stuck and what to do if you are stuck inside. An important message but... this scary thing was in the middle of a huge play area for kids!
Christy driving a combine
Riding the ferris wheel- Daddy and Zach below
The Midway with a shot of downtown Indy in the distance
One is colby, one is gouda... can you tell the difference?
Part of the Indiana in Space exhibit in the Grand Hall. Some of the astronauts from Indiana are shown below.

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