Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Cupcake Camper

Remember how I said that I hadn't made good food choices on Saturday? Well, my biggest sin was a delicious, dense, moist, sweet cupcake from The Cupcake Camper. I had heard about this mysterious camper... it's parked at an end of a local outdoor mall. I had heard about it... but we aren't mall shoppers so I hadn't seen it for myself. We took the family out for cupcakes Saturday afternoon. They were awesome. Expensive. But that's good because then it is less tempting to go more often! See how groovy the little camper is? You just walk up to the window... there is a little white board that tells you the flavors. We got there at 3:30 on a gorgeous sunny Saturday and there were only 3 available flavors- all the others were sold out!

Jeff and I had those big vanilla cupcakes. Vanilla sprinkles, vanilla icing, vanilla cake. Not only am I not a cake person, I'm not a vanilla person. But I would sooooo eat one of these anytime it was offered!

Zach was very happy with his strawberry cupcake!

Teagan loved every bite- and I think she could totally be an ad for The Cupcake Camper, don't you?? But what happens when you finish you cupcake, very nicely ask for more, and are told the cupcakes are all gone? It's just so very sad!! Photobucket


Mellodee said...

Last summer we had two different cupcake camper-type trailers within about 2 mi of my house. One closed up for the winter, but the other seems to be going stronger. Somehow, though, I just can't see myself ever needing a cupcake fix. Of course, I'm not much of a dessert person, so maybe that's the difference!

Claudya Martinez said...

Oh no! The suffering when all the cupcakes are gone. SO sad.

Kristi said...

We will have to try that place sometime. Those look absolutely scrumptious! Definitely will keep it in mind for a special treat. : )
Love the pictures of Teagan and Zach and Zach's face when the cupcakes are all gone is just priceless.

Unknown said...

Oh. My. Word. He is so cute. I wouldn't be able to say no. I would drive right back to the camper! : ) the cupcakes look AMAZING. Now I a starving for one!

Garret said...

I don't even care about the cupcakes. The photos are so cute. You so need to gather up some Teagan photos and get with a talent scout!

The Zach pic, priceless! Funny, Kristi used the same word.

The Courteous Chihuahua said...

OMG - laughing so hard at Zach's picture. I've made that same face over the lack of cupcakes!

Nancy C said...

Very sad indeed. My oldest had that face when I told him I would not construct a pulley for him so he could climb a tree really, really high.

I have no idea where he got this idea, either.

Anonymous said...

Those look heavenly!

Love his face!!!!!!!!!

I baked cookies yesterday and told Sarah she could have 1 cookie. She ate it and then came to me in all seriousness and asked for 1 cookie!!

Yes there was crying involved.

Alison said...

I think it's too funny that you took a picture of your crying child...but then I feel like a troll for laughing! (but not really...he got over it, right??)

In fact, this is one case where "lol" is true! Cute story.