Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Life of Lizdom - Part 2

First of all, I want to say that I do not by any means think that I am a super busy mom. I can see how it comes across that way. I don't generally feel overwhelmed by commitments or involvements. I do say no and I do have priorities. I know other moms that I am in awe of because they are constantly on the go, go, go and I haven't a clue how they keep up with all of it!
Just how involved am I, really?
The Activities

Jessica specifically asked about the list of things that I am involved in, too. blogging, IMLM, FB, Church, Fulltime job, parenting, being a wife, exercising, reading books Blog I usually write my blog entry the evening before it posts. Sometimes, I do work on them at work- while on a conference call that doesn’t require as much attention on my part, for example, or while waiting for a report to run or something. I also am able to hop out and read and comment on other blogs during the day. I am a major multi tasker and have15 windows open in my taskbar as I type this at my desk on Tuesday midday. I pop back and forth from one thing to the next. MomsLikeMe I am a Discussion Leader for MLM. This means I have to start 4 topics, reply to 5, and help keep topics on track, keep an eye on heated discussions, etc. I know I spend a good amount of time on the site but I don’t feel like it takes up my time. I spend about 10 minutes each morning doing the “Getting to know you” posts for that day’s 3 users. When I have a few minutes to pop in, I look on the main page and open in tabs the topics that look interesting. Then I go read through my tabs, commenting where I want/need to or doing my “Discussion Leader” thang and guiding the conversation back on track or whatever. I tend to always have something to say so starting conversations is just a natural kind of flow for me. I also get online while watching TV and hanging out with Jeff after the kids go to bed. Even if I wasn't a DL, I would be on the site as much as I am already. Facebook Another pop in and out thing. I jump on, read some news feed, check my profile, check my fan page and pop back off. I try to “like” things and comment on things so that I stay connected. Job It is what it is. It takes the time it takes and that’s that. I work 8-5, M-F. Parenting It’s the most important job I do. With blogging and being on MLM and FB, I can actually keep my focus pretty solidly on parenting because all of those connections with other moms keeps me connected to my role as a mom. And my brain is constantly churning over ideas about things to do and potential solutions to problems and what’s coming up next for the family and so on. I think it is really important that the time I spend away from my kids is focused on doing for my kids (I work so that my kids have a more financially stable and comfortable home, for example) and that the time I spend with my kids is focused on the family unit or fun time with family activities or whatever. Being a wife I feel like I want input from Jeff on this one! Like a performance review. Honey? Any input? About a year ago, as something for the blog or the Love Dare, I asked Jeff about what he would change in our marriage. It was a huge wake up call. The good news was that he didn’t have an immediate answer and he didn’t have a lot of answers. But what he said was very important. He wanted to feel like he was a priority. I wrote about it on my Love Dare blog in a bit more detail. But the takeaway from it was important and it’s something we continue to talk about. He was feeling like the kids drove everything that we did and he didn’t like that. So we make sure that we stand up for each other and we place each other’s wants and needs ahead of the kids from time to time. We have common interests at home- watching TV and movies and being on the computer. Jeff is enjoying my new discovery of sci-fi. We are considering some together activities like podcasting. We have separate interests and we have together interests. Sometimes, we just have to touch base and make sure the other person isn’t feeling pushed aside or overwhelmed. He’s my best friend, he’s the person I spend the most time with, he’s the man I love with my heart, soul, mind and body. I want the choices I make in how I treat him to reflect how I feel. Also… not to get too personal… but sex at least once a week and the very occasional date night (thanks to our most awesomest babysitter, Christy) where we really splurge… really helps, too. Exercising I can tell you what is working for me right now. I workout at lunch 4 days a week to the best of my ability (sometimes work interferes). On days where I have conference calls, I sometimes take full advantage of my door that closes and the mute button on my phone and I get up and march and lunge and squat during the call. For my non-gym days, especially with the weather getting nicer, I try to make exercise more about just moving more. 15 minutes of walking with the kids… 15 minutes on the Wii… 15 minutes of whatever. Right now, my exercise plan consists of the Couch to 5K program (3 times per week), Boot Camp at Fiziques (2x per week), and at home stuff otherwise. Reading books Ready for this one? I read on the toilet. I keep whatever book I am reading in the bathroom and I read a page or 2 every time I go to the bathroom. Heck, sometimes, I’ll go and lock myself in the bathroom and read a few pages just to get away. And when I get really into a book, I’ll read while sitting on the couch when the kids are playing. And if I’m really into that book, I start to carry it around in my purse and will read a page or 2 whenever I have a couple of minutes of waiting time. I used to tear through a book in a day or 2 and now it does take a few weeks instead. Church I am on Music Team (Thursday evening, Sunday morning), Pastoral and Staff Support Team (maybe a once a month time commitment for meetings, the making sure my pastors feel appreciated is, I hope, just part of who I am), and will soon also be involved in a Finance Communications Team, leading a new Children and Youth Choir, and I’m working on a proposal to do a blogging project on the church’s website that would highlight members and all that they do for the church and for the community. FitCity This is a newer venture but it falls kind of under my blogging category. However, it is a different kind of writing and I do take more time and effort into “proper” writing and editing. I’m always thinking up ideas that would be good FitCity posts and I have a file of Word docs of in process ideas. I also go out to the FitCity website and visit the mom blog a few times a week so I can comment on the posts by the other mom bloggers- like my friend, Amy (The Fourth Frog). Also, every other Tuesday or so, there is a FitCity Twitter chat and I have to tell you- they’ve been life changing. Totally didn’t expect that. But each Twitter chat I’ve attended (only 2 so far) has really left something with me. The first was about exercise (60 minutes total each day and you can break it down to 15 minute chunks). The second about nutrition (What you put in is what you get out. If you fuel with junk or empty foods, you get empty results.) Room Mom (and board member) for Little Explorers OK- not quite fair to put the board member thing out there because we’ve yet to have a board meeting. But I’m ready for it when it comes! And as a co-room mom, I’ve only been called on twice to do a classroom party. Thus far, it hasn’t been much of a stress. I enjoy the time in Teagan's class and being part of her school experience.


Teagan has asked to play soccer. I think I found a good program at our local Y that will be non-competitive (focus on skills, team work, etc). That will take up either an evening or Saturday morning each week starting in April.

Zach has been wearing underwear- with no accidents- for almost a week now. I'm scared to declare him potty trained because I don't want to jinx it. But I imagine it won't be too much longer before he will start having activities and playdates and interests of his own that will also get added in to our schedule.

I also find time to talk to my mom and brothers. Go out with a friend from time to time. Watch a little TV or a movie in the evenings (yay for the DVR so I can catch up on MY schedule). I'm sure there is other stuff I do... but I think that covers most of it! Photobucket


Karen M. Peterson said...

When I read your post yesterday, I thought that I just didn't know how I could ever do everything I do now PLUS have kids.

After reading your post today, I realize that I couldn't. Having kids changes your activities, of course, but for some people (like me) it doesn't necessarily add to them.

I think it's great how involved you are and I can't wait to hear all about Teagan's soccer adventures!

Nancy C said...

Thank you for letting us peek through the windows. I'm always curious to see how others keep the balls in the air.

Anonymous said...

I like what you said about your husband.

Ohhhh - kids and sports! As they get older that really takes a lot of time and it is crazy.

LAst year softball took up 3 nights! For 3rd graders! A little nuts.

Liz Mays said...

Nobody knows how to juggle it all like a mother does. We just manage somehow, don't we? But really ARE busy!

designHER Momma said...

we are cut from the same cloth. And I really wish I was involved (more) in the Moms like me website.