Tuesday, April 13, 2010

12.30 p.m.

Had 2 of the 3 bloks in this Clif Shot Bloks thing. It's kind of jelly-like or gummy-like. It's an electrolyte energy booster to get you through an intense workout. This would be awesome to keep in a pouch on a 5K for a halfway through boost. I punked out a bit by the end of Boot Camp today so my trainer, Bridget, had me eat 2 of the bloks at the end of my workout.


Karen M. Peterson said...

Did they really help?

I'm always curious about this kind of stuff!

Eternal Lizdom said...

Meh. I don't know. I think the real test would have been if I had then kept on with the workout for another 30 minutes. I tend to recover pretty quickly from an intense 30 minute workout anyway. After I get more into running 3 miles at a time more regularly, I might find that I need a mid run pick me up and then I might try these again.

C. Beth said...

Seriously love these. I ate almost a whole package on my run today. It can be hard to tell if it's helping but overall I think it does. I needed the help today!