Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Healthier Me Update

I will be updating my "Healthier Me" page later today but wanted to share a couple of quick highlights. I have had a few days in the past week where I didn't eat as well as I would have liked. Mostly due to stress, 1 day due to a lack of planning and preparing (I forgot to take my fruits with me to work). I am both Vit D and Iron deficient. The iron I knew about- I've always been borderline anemic (it's why I can't ever donate blood). I have to pick up a sampling thingee tomorrow to do an additional check on that iron level. For the Vit D deficiency- which is far more common than previously known- I have to take a supplement. I get 800 iu in my calcium chews and I get 1000 iu in my daily vitamin. My milk has 25% Of my daily allowance. But I need just a smidge more so my next bottle of vitamins might be a different brand. Apparently, Vit D deficiency is very common and is potentially the stronger link to osteoperosis than calcium! My running continues to improve and I am very fortunate to have several online friends & fans who are runners and can help me through hurdles when I hit them. My recent challenge was getting through a 5 minute running interval. Next up is to be able to do the entire workout where I run for 5 min and then recover for 3 and then run 5, recover 3, run 5. Next step is to focus on cadance breathing- specifically using it to make sure I am emptying all the air from my lungs. And even though weigh in day isn't really until next Friday, I did want to do a weigh in 1 month after my first "Healthier Me" post and the creation of the page. Starting weight: 240 April 1: 223 I've added updated pics to the Healthier Me page- click on the link below the header! And here's a BIG surprise... I've been given the opportunity to jump right into a running event sooner than expected! I know I won't be running all 2 miles of this "Fun Run." But tomorrow morning, I will join other runners at the starting line and do my best. It's the SUBWAY Fun Run with Jared! This opportunity is coming to me via FitCity- and I will be interviewing Jared! So if you've ever had a burning question for him, let me know. Photobucket


Anonymous said...

That is really exciting, the update and meeting Jared!!

I hope the weather is beautiful!!

C. Beth said...

17 amazing. And super cool that you get to interview Jared! Wow!

Karen M. Peterson said...

Oh my goodness! Look at you! That's very exciting and motivational. I HAVE to get back into running TODAY. No more excuses.

Katherine said...

Vitamin D deficiency is very common, especially at the end of winter when we've all be cooped up inside, away from the sun.

Congrats on all your accomplishments! You are really motivating me to work even harder at getting healthy.