Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Inspiration Train!

An idea struck me yesterday evening... and I am taking action on it and am very excited about it! I've had several folks express their interest in doing the Couch to 5K but they just need a boost, a push, something to drive them. I've made a couple of individual offers to get together and do a first workout with someone... but trying to manage that with multiple someones is tough. So I've created my very own Fun Run/Walk! Walkers can walk, runners can run and anyone doing the C25K or who wants to start it can come participate. I'm no expert at this running thing... but I think there can be great encouragement in having someone start something with you. On May 1, I'm hoping a group of people show up who are ready to make a commitment to themselves. Who are ready to support each other, seek support, and make a great step forward on their road to healthy living. I think there is a lot of possibility for this group. I have plans to map out different routes in different areas and parks on different sides of town. I have hope that once a group is formed, someone will step up and keep up those meetings. I think that we will form a group at church in the next couple of months- maybe we can run before first service on Sundays (there is a shower at church). How about you? Can you set May 1 as a date to do something in your area? Can you find a group of people to gather together to run and walk? Can May 1 be a new start for someone you know? For you? Photobucket


Lisa said...

Liz, you are a one-woman health force! Great idea. It is my daughter's first communion day so it will be hard for me to join a group but I promise my husband and I will go for a neighborhood walk/run before we head over to the church. I'll let you know how it goes!

P.S. Once you have your locations, can we promote your walk on the FitCity event calendar?

Lola said...

I may not be able to make it every week- depending on family schedules- but I will try to join the group. The only thing is that Saturdays are my "long run" days- so I may go longer than the 30 minutes- but if we all start out together- that should be fine.

Also- as I've done C25K several times when I get back into running- I'm happy to help talk to others about it (if you need me to)- sometimes people need more than one cheerleader!
As soon as I know for sure, I'll RSVP on FB for the May 1 date.

Karen M. Peterson said...

What a great idea. Just this weekend, I found the paper I'd printed with the c25k program on it and I know it's something I really need to do.

Claudya Martinez said...

I'm so proud of you!

Alison said...

Wow, I'm impressed! I would be so much more willing to start working out with you than with my 10k-running, bike-riding friends who would leave me in their dust.