Friday, April 30, 2010

Feel Good Friday- Mirror Edition

There is a funny side effect of this whole Healthier Me thing I've got going on. My goal is to run. I want to run a 5K. I, generally, make food choices based on how that food might impact my running performance. Because of the changes I am making, there is a fantastic side benefit- weight loss. I've shared my weight loss and the reduction in clothing size here on the blog and on Facebook. I've had great friends and family cheering me on, supporting me. I've spent the last week venturing out to a gym near home to take Zumba classes. I went to a Zumba for Autism event on Saturday afternoon and loved it. The gym gave us 2 week passes to come back and try other classes and so on. I've never been a group fitness person but I have to admit I'm loving it right now! I went back Monday evening for Zumba and Wednesday evening, too. Tonight, I plan to venture out for an aerobic dance class (blend of hip-hop, jazz, modern, disco, etc) and a core conditioning class. I might even try to squeeze in a cycling class on Saturday. One thing that this group fitness thing has shown me... and this was creeping up on me, this new awareness... I love mirrors.
In the group fitness room at the gym- there are mirrors everywhere. So I see myself as I wiggle my hips and move my legs and reach up high. At my gym by work, there are mirrors and I've been seeing the changes in my body every time I walk in. I know you like to tease me about my pictures that I take in the bathroom at work. But I can't walk past that mirror without taking a moment to admire the view. The space between my legs, the lack of rotund belly sticking out, the muscle flash in an arm, less of a chin, and so on. I just can't help but stop and admire the view. It itsn't that I think I'm so hot or anything. I am just amazed at how different my body looks and feels! Even at my biggest, I loved my body, my belly, my legs. It's been years since I would look in the mirror and say hateful things to myself- I've certainly been there. But years ago, I gave that up and learned to love myself, as I am. But it's the change, the strength, the grace, the newness of the muscles and abilities of this stronger, healthier body.

I even ventured out to a different bathroom mirror today- just for you. Bad lighting in that bathroom but I do like that full length mirror! The truth is that I've come to just love seeing mirrors and reflections of myself. I won't go so far as to say I'm vain. I'm just so stinkin' proud of the changes I've made and upheld. Yes, I am proud that I can run a mile and that I am continuing to plug along on my running. Even though this last hurdle has lasted longer than the first, I continue to try and try and that's better than not trying at all. I'm branching out to new exercises that work my body in different ways. I'm eager to push myself and do more. When I did those Zumba classes over the past week, I did not struggle. I was not exhuasted by the end- not even after the 2 hour session (broken out into 3 sessions with short breaks in between). I was sweating, my heart rate was up but I was still going. On Wednesday, I even went from Zumba to the treadmill and did a mile (walking and running) just because I needed to run. So I'm finding my reflection anywhere I can and I am enjoying catches these little reminders of how far I've come, how much hard work I've done, and I am feeling very proud to FEEL SO GOOD! Photobucket


Unknown said...

No WAY! Girl, you look amazing! I am jealous!

Lola said...

I love this post! I have struggled with body image for a long long time- and recently gave up the hateful self-talk. It creeps up- but I consciously stop it when I do it.

The changes in the mirror are the highest payoff for all the hard work you are doing- it is the full perspective of your accomplishments. Way to go!

Mary P (Barnmaven) said...

Too often anymore we hear from people how much they hate their bodies. I am delighted to read a post by someone who is not only okay with looking at herself in the mirror but who LOVES what she sees! Liz, I think what you're doing here is important - not just for the other women who read and can be influenced positively by your words on the interent, but even more important at home, for Teagan. Your daugther is learning from you that women can be strong, healthy, and beautiful. That there's nothing wrong with liking your body and being proud of it.

Keep it up, mama, you are such an inspiration!

Anonymous said...

That is so fantastic!!! I love all of the pictures you took - that was so super creative!!!

I am so happy for you!!! ALso, I can hear your excitement in your writing!!!

I bet the dance/aerobic class is a lot of fun - HAve fun shaking it!!!

Anonymous said...

Love this post! Congratulations and good luck on the 5K. You can do it!!

Katie's Dailies said...

Found you from The Girl Next Door this morning, and gotta say you rock those photos! I love how you even pose for them and make sure you smile!

I'm a runner myself of 26 years, so everytime I hear or read about a newbie starting out on I get really excited about the new adventure you're embarking upon. You will grow to love it---I view it as free therapy, and trust me when I say that my family whole heartedly supports this crazy habit of mine: a happy momma makes a happy family!

Now following you! Keep up the great work!!

Alison said...

You are too funny! Please tell me somebody walked into the bathroom during your photo shoot, lol!!!

I have to admit, I'm jealous. I dislike my body. And it's my own fault. Miss Chef has been on a self-designed fitness regimen the past month or so, and she's also starting to see changes. Me? I'm still trying to control my Coke habit!

(Actually, let me modify my previous statement: I dislike my belly. The rest of my body is sssmokin'! lol)

C. Beth said...

That is AWESOME! I'm amazed at the changes you've made in such a short time. You look beautiful.

I love that you loved your body BEFORE. I can say I LIKED my body before running and I LOVE it now, but I know my love of my body should be more unconditional than it is.

Momza said...

Look at you!
The picture of happiness!

Kori said...

I don't think it is vanity AT ALL; I think it is justified, honest to goodness self-pride, the GOOD kind. I love having been a prt of this journey with you, because you are so positive and happy.

Garret said...

Wow, it's like Jeff can have an affair with the "other woman".

Joanie said...

I remember stopping to admire my new tones body when I lost a bunch of weight after Tim was born. I looked HAWT if I do say so myself. Then I got pregnant with Dani and it's been a struggle for 20 years.

So you just keep checking out the HAWT NEW YOU!! You earned it!

J.B. said...

I love it when the body confidence kicks in after exercising for a while. Mine just kicked in and two people this week complimented my figure. I feel great.
You sound great and your earned it. God bless.

Unknown said...

I am SO happy for you. So, so happy.
You look AMAZING!
I am still fat.
Fat and sad and depressed.
I try and try and try.
And fail and fail and FAIL!
I think you look beautiful.
Mirrors are my enemy. I am so glad they aren't yours: )
You are beautiful!

Amy said...

I won't go so far as to say I love mirrors, but I do like looking at my emerging figure in the mirror as well. You are doing great! Do you think you'll join the gym? Or look to find group classes elsewhere?

Garret said...

All those mirror I might have to carry glass cleaner.

Isabella said...

Lookin' good lady! :)