Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Minutes

Alright, as I gear up for heading out of town for work, I am just going to cover some various bits and pieces. I look forward to getting back to my regular "lizdom" blogging once this week is over!! I have full and complete confidence in my husband. I truly do know all the benefits of my being away for a few days. If I were going away for a fun weekend, I'd miss the family but the anxiety wouldn't be present. This truly isn't about how Jeff will handle things. We are parenting partners and do everything together so I know he's going to handle it all just fine. I want to make things as easy for him as possible so he can focus on having fun with the kids and have full energy for handling anything that comes up with them. I am very excited for the guest blogs for this week! The first one is going to be near and dear to my heart. A good friend of mine, who is also a great support in my Healthier Me journey, is starting a new project that I am going to be part of and hope you will join us, too! I came up with some fun things for the kids while I'm gone. When we were grocery shopping, Teagan asked about a bottle of Simply Raspberry Lemonade. It was on sale. I picked it up... and told her we would buy it but she can't have any until Tuesday at dinner when Mommy is gone. Jeff picked out cinnamon rolls that they will make one morning while Mommy is gone. And I snuck a surprise into the basket- nacho cheese popcorn flavoring like Grandma had! We don't have a cool popcorn popper but they will enjoy the cheese flavor all the same. I'm betting Jeff sets up a fun movie night for them to go with the popcorn. They can have peanut butter sandwiches and fruit for dinner and popcorn! Isn't that butterfly pretty? I found the graphic on this website that has a lot of pretty butterfly jewelry. Lots of pretty dragonflies and ladybugs and other insects, too. Photobucket


Bill Lisleman said...

With all the planning you did you should have a good trip.
We all worry about stuff we don't need to worry over.
From what you wrote it looks like my guest post is up for Wed?

You did get it?

Anonymous said...

Have a great work trip! Enjoy it.

By the way, do you read Prior Fat Girl? She lost 100 pounds and blogs about it. She is from Minnesota.