Thursday, September 9, 2010

Randomness (I Miss My Friend)

Christy is off in Paris. 2 whole weeks without her. She's my closest friend and I talk to her almost every single day. We work together and carpool whenever we can. I last saw Christy Saturday morning at the Farmer's Market. I miss talking to my friend every day. I miss the randomness of our conversations. I expressed this to Jeff last night and he offered to fill in so I could talk random with him but it just didn't work. So I'm going to attempt to do a blog version of randomness and I'm going to pretend like I'm driving in my car with Christy beside me while I'm typing. Or maybe we're in the locker room at the gym, getting ready for a butt kicking workout. Or maybe she's in my office, venting about something. Or maybe I just dropped her off at her house and am calling her because I forgot to tell her one last thing. ***** I'm unbelievably flattered when I show up on other people's blogs. Truly. My post yesterday grabbed a lot of attention from some people and one of those people is my brother's girlfriend, Em. Em blogs and I love reading her blog and I know she likes reading mine. It's really been a great way to get to know each other. Anyway, she read my post yesterday and it prompted a great post on her blog about wearing make up. I was going through my blog list this morning, opening up the posts I wanted to read into new tabs (I tend to go through and open 20 or so and then click to them when I can throughout the morning). As I do everyday, I clicked to Half Past Kissin' Time. When I got to the tab and read the post... my jaw dropped, tears welled up in my eyes and I had goosebumps. It's amazingly powerful in a deep way to know that you have impacted someone else's life. And Mrs4444 have, apparently, done that for each other. ***** Amy is a friend I made through the internet. We might have first become aware of each other through a local moms' discussion board but we've become friends through blogging. We support each other in blogging- helping each other find opportunities, recommending each other. We've met face to face a few times and I always enjoy seeing her. She's hilarious and kind and real. Today, she posted a fun little entry about keys. Instead of just leaving a comment, I thought I'd share my keys with the world. I have my car key on a ring that can separate from the other half of my key chain. Makes it super easy when I drop my car off for an oil change or when I need to run back in the house for something. I have a few store loyalty cards- my CVS ExtraCare card (insurance through work), my Marsh (grocery) card, my Kroger card (rarely used), and my library card. I have my house key, office key, and a key to my desk (rarely used). I have a metal keychain with my company's name before we were acquired by 3M (should probably get rid of it) and I have a State Fair 2010 keychain that I really love! And my flash drive. Because I'm married to a nerd who has taught me the ways of nerd-dom and how they are good. ***** I have a new favorite album! It's called "Do Fun Stuff." Yes, it's an album of kid music. Here's what I love about it... there's this guy you might have heard of. He writes Pacing the Panic Room. His story is pretty awesome. I've been reading him for well over a year now. He had some great opportunities come his way that thrust him into a bigger spotlight and he is using that spotlight to bring attention to a disorder called SMS- Smith Magenis Syndrome. I don't know a lot about SMS. I know that his stepson has it and that he and his wife have been amazing advocates and partners for this little boy as they enter this world of SMS and having a "special needs" child. He has a lot of connections into the artsy side of life and he brought together some fantastically talented independent bands and musicians and they made this very fun album. It's only $10 and the money earned goes to support SMS research. And you won't be shoving cotton balls in your ears when your kids ask to listen to it and you might even find yourself turning it on while sitting at your desk at work and there aren't any kids within a 1/2 mile radius of where you are. So go check it out. ***** There is a nice little conversation going on in the comments of yesterday's post. Feel free to join in on your thoughts about what's "the norm." ***** Now that I've written all this random stuff, I wonder what I'm going to do for fragments tomorrow? Photobucket


Katherine said...

I went and listed to the album "Do Fun Stuff." It's awesome! Thanks for the recommendation. We are desperate for a change from VeggieTales and Disney.

Garret said...

I am so far behind on blog reading! Please limit you posts to 10 words for a week or 2 till I catch up?

kbiermom said...

Your key ring looks a lot like mine!

When I left me corporate job, it was incredibly hard to give up the random conversations with my friends. We had lunch occasionally afterwards, but there's really nothing else -- not even online conversations -- that comes close to that kind of daily play-by-play. I'm glad she'll be back for you soon -- and just think of all the French randomness she'll be spilling over with then!