Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I took my kids on a spontaneous and unplanned trip to visit my family on Sunday.  It was a gorgeous day and we had a wonderful visit.

My grandparents came over and we all enjoyed sitting outside and watching my kids play with each other and with Uncle Daniel. 

I think the most fun I had was when my mom got out our old popcorn popper.  It’s a big orange dome and you put in oil and a few kernels and turn it on.  A metal arm turns to keep the kernels moving.  Those few pop and you know it’s hot enough so you add in the rest of the kernels.  Then it pops and pops until you have a big bowl full of popcorn. 

My kids had never seen popcorn like this.  We live in an age where popcorn comes in flat little bags that go in the microwave.  They’ve eaten popcorn.  But there is definitely less magic with a bag of microwave popcorn.

They didn’t know what the kernels were.  We kept everything very secret and let them experience it for themselves.  When those first few kernels popped, my kids lit up!  I have fond memories of this same popcorn popper and loved being able to share it with my kids. 

We had bowls and flavored salts.  There were many mouths to feed and my kids loved the entire experience. 

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When did you first have popcorn? Do your kids enjoy popcorn? What about the stuff you make on the stove, have you tried it? What fun things have you seen in a new way through a child’s eyes?


Anonymous said...

We still pop popcorn the old fashioned way...on the stove, in a pan with oil, add butter and salt. My kids don't like the taste of microwave popcorn which helps during boy scout fundraising (my nephews).

Remember the old air poppers?

Alison said...

When we first met, Miss Chef had never had anything but microwave popcorn (she's much younger than I). I even had to explain a joke to her that referenced Jiffy Pop!

A year or so ago, we bought some kernels from a local specialty store and made popcorn the old fashioned way. Miss Chef was amazed; she said she had no idea popcorn could taste so good! So now the flat oiled packages are verboten in our house.

Silly Miss Chef!

The Beans said...

Wow. I actually *can't* remember the first time I had popcorn, nor when I had it last, for that matter.


-French Bean

Katherine said...

We eat popcorn several times a week. But it's either air-popped (slightly healthier) or popped on the stove (for special occasions, better tasting popcorn.) We haven't had microwave popcorn in years. It's one of those things that just tastes so much better the "old-fashioned" way.

Expats Again said...

Wonderful experience for you kids. I had an air popper when my kids were little. This fall I plan to have a party for the grandkids and do something with them that my grandparents did with me--pull taffy. I bet they think candy comes from the store fully packaged. I love your photos of the family and the front porch is so Americana. Living in Munich, Germans don't eat popcorn as a snack and they certainly don't have front porches to enjoy either.

Alison said...

I forgot to comment earlier that Zach's expressions in those pics are just priceless. Kids are so honest about their emotions, lol!

C. Beth said...

I love the photos!!

I usually use microwave popcorn, but sometimes use my air popper. I used to sometimes make it on the stove, but haven't done that in awhile. I want to do it this afternoon.... Thanks for the inspiration!

Nancy C said...

We rarely eat microwave popcorn...we like to cook it on the stove. So much more fun and so much more healthful too.

However, I AM a sucker for super fatty movie popcorn.

Liz Mays said...

I could remember it just as you were describing it and then when I saw the machine, I said YES! Oh the good old days....