Monday, September 6, 2010

Chocolate Cream Pie

I don’t remember exactly when my mom started making chocolate cream pie.  To my recollection, it’s been around forever.  It might be a recipe that started with the Pilgrims for all I know.  Maybe chocolate cream pie is what brought the Pilgrims and Indians together.  Maybe my mom could make a pie and take it to the Middle East- I guarantee there would be no more war after sharing a pie so heavenly! 

My mom has long been known in our family for her desserts.  When my brothers were born, she tried to balance part time work and motherhood.  It wasn’t what was best for her or the family so she became a stay at home mom.  She started to bake to fill the time when the boys went to school, I think.  For a while, our family meals and holidays were filled with the most amazing breads.  Braided breads, rosemary breads, rolls, biscuits, and more.  She quickly went on to desserts.  A few quickly became family favorites that were staples at every family gathering. 

White chocolate cheesecake with raspberry sauce and that old recipe for chocolate cream pie were required.

We bent the rules sometimes.  Mom played with the cheesecake recipe- going from gourmet recipes that required cheese cloth and baths and such things.  She played around with swirls and flavors and crusts.  That was fine.  We accepted it.

But the chocolate cream pie was sacred and not to be messed with.  There were times she insisted it wasn’t as good- the humidity messed with her meringue, for instance.  But for the family, the pie was always perfect.

I don’t know that my brothers ever really appreciated that pie.  My mom started to make it for them throughout the school year.  Field trip? Send along a little cup of chocolate pudding made from that recipe!  Friends coming over? Make a pie! You went to school today? Come home to a pie!

Mom stopped making the pie for holidays and family gatherings.

This was a huge problem.  Several of us relied on that rich chocolatey goodness topped with light, cool meringue.  And the only time we ever got that pie was at my mom’s house. 

Why did she stop?  She says she got bored.  (Maybe because she started making it for my brothers all the time, perhaps?)

We’ve suffered for years without this pie.  Mom attempted to “help” me by giving me the recipe.  There are 2 problems with this.  1. It will never taste the same if I make it.  2. It isn’t the kind of dessert that I can transport by car for 2 hours so bringing it from my home to hers for a holiday wouldn’t work.

Yesterday, I surprised my mom with a visit from me and the kids.  We had a free day.  Jeff had work to do in the yard and he works better without the distraction of his family.  I took the kids and we drove the 2 hours to Ohio to spend the day with my mom and dad, my brother Daniel, and my grandparents.   When I called my mom and told her we were on our way, I was delighted to hear her say, “I’d better get off the phone and get this pie going!”

I might have started salivating right then and there.

I get to my mom’s house and see that gorgeous pie in the oven. 

Then it was set out to cool and I sat and admired the peaks of meringue.

9.5 17

We play outside, we go to the store, we make dinner, we eat dinner.   It’s almost time for dessert.  Mom brings out the pineapple upside down cake she and the kids had made together.

I ask about the pie.

And I’m told it isn’t going to be ready today. And that the pie is for DANIEL for his birthday.

Say huh??

Daniel’s birthday was a week before mine.  We had a huge family gathering for my parents’ anniversary, my grandpa’s birthday, and Daniel’s birthday.   My birthday was a week later- there was a phone call at the end of the day and lovely text messages from my dad and brothers.  But no pie.

The best part? Daniel looked as shocked as I did to hear that this was HIS pie!  Mom insisted that I ask him if I could have a piece.  He suggested that I just take the entire pie home (have I mentioned that I really love my brother??).  My mom finally let me have a little slice.

choc pie

It was heaven. 

My only regret?  That I didn’t literally lick the plate clean. 

Mom- I know you’re reading this.  Please don’t retire the pie.  Please stop making it just for my brothers.  Please add it back to the holiday menu.

For the sake of the world… don’t stop making that pie!


Jason, as himself said...

Doesn't she know that you can't just stop making something like this! As long as she is physically able, she is obligated. It is her moral duty.

kbiermom said...

I think I can kind of relate to your mom's baking cycle here. When I started my days as a home mom, I began to bake bread -- partly b/c It was something I wanted to learn, and partly b/c I thought that was part of the gig. Everyone loved my bread, and I loved making it. I prided myself on not buying a single loaf of bread for a few years. But at some point, it became work -- not fun anymore. Haven't baked it in several years now. I know someday I'll take it up again, when I feel like it.

Amy said...

It was bad enough that I had to look at that pie on FB yesterday. Now I've read about it's amazing chocolate goodness here, I'll never be able to stop craving it. Darn you and your mom!

Shannon said...

That pie is the most beautiful work of art that I have ever seen!

Kimberly@PrettyPinkMomma said...

Hi Liz! I read your post on FYL today, it was so wonderfully done! I came to visit your blog and now all I want is that pie! I live in WA but now I'M about ready to drive to Ohio for that DELICIOUS looking pie - chocolate cream is my absolute hands down favorite pie in the world.

Garret said...

I love chocolate. I love pie. The perfect combination. How many points?

C. Beth said...

Oh, man...I was HOPING this post would end with a recipe!! :)

Liz Mays said...

So glad you got a slice because it would have been so unfair if you hadn't!

Momza said...

my mouth is watering.
Looks divine!

Emily said...

"You went to school today? Come home to some pie!"

Favorite. Part.
And, HEY! I still didn't get any pie :(
Oh well...hopefully I have plenty of gatherings to go to in hope for pie...and the awesomeness that is the Corgan-Mueller-Chandler clan :-D

Anonymous said...

Note to self: Avoid any blog Liz posts about food after 10pm. *DROOL*

I can see by the photos why you would want this pie every day every day!

I hope mom reads the blog and makes you this pie the next time you come out. I really thougt you were going to say that this was a trick...and the pie really was for you.

Alison said...

Hey! Where's that recipe? We won't notice the difference, since we've never had your mom's pie.

Eh, who am I kidding. I'm more likely to whip up a box of brownie mix than make a chocolate cream pie from scratch. Still, it does look dreeeemy.

Unknown said...

I think right here, right now, is the moment I have to end our friendship and stop reading your blog.

Seriously, I am about to eat the monitor.

Damn, that pie looks, ditch your diet good! You're KILLING ME HERE LIZ!

Mom of Liz...keep making that pie...that just looks like a little slice of heaven right there on the plate. Maybe I'll ask for the recipe and treat my Thanksgiving crowd to it...oh, who am I kidding...I just want it for myself!

Is it BAD to have a pie as your "finally under 200" reward??? Probably so....