Monday, September 19, 2011

Blog Stuff

Bunch of random stuff going on...

1. I am having trouble with commenting.  And I've heard that some people have had issue commenting on my blog as well.  My trouble tends to be with embedded comment forms- I type it up, set it to my Google Account, and then it tells me I'm not subscribed to that blog and wants me to log out.  The only way I've gotten around it is to leave my comment with my "Name/URL."  I've always had trouble with embedded comment forms- they frustrate me greatly.

2. I am trying to do some reading and see what's going on with the comment issues since I now know I am now alone in my frustrations.

3.  I threw a new background up- just for the sake of change.  How's it look?  What does it look like to you?

4. I miscalculated the people I'd ridden for on Saturday.  Oops.  I didn't have my official list with me.  I rode for my Mom, Mim, Kat, and also for Anita and Katie. 

5. This has been a pretty yucky Monday so far.  I'd like to go home and lay in bed the rest of the day.

6. Not sure I actually have a #6 but I feel like I should have a list of 10.

7. I don't know why I think I need a list of 10.

8. I really should just quit since I have nothing else of substance to say.

9.  Only 1 more and then I've made it a Top Ten List of Nothing!



Bill Lisleman said...

Good thing because I didn't have time for ten.
So the blogger comment system is having problems? I've been using DISQUS for more than a year and it typically does fine but has had problems too. Don't know if it's the weather but I believe we need rainy cloudy days to better appreciate the sunshine. It's all a big balancing act.

Nej said...

The new background looks great!!!!!

Unknown said...

I am also having the trouble with commenting. I now just comment as "anonymous" if the comment form is embedded. Let me know if you figure out what's going on!

The background is very nice....very fall. I wish I knew how to customize my blogs better.

Nice job on the ride Saturday. Hope things your way are going well.

beth said...

Love the new background!!

noexcuses said...

Love the background! Very colorful! I'm having the same comment problem. I just comment on Anonymous (if it's there) and then put my name at the bottom of the comment. I can't figure it out, either!

Hope your week improves!