Saturday, September 24, 2011


My heart swelled yesterday.  With... pride and joy.

Teagan was talking about her day at school.  She was eager to tell us about running laps in gym class and that they went outside for gym class.

I don't know all the details.  But I know the kids were supposed to run laps.  I think they were supposed to go around the track 4 times.  Each lap earned them part of a smiley face on the back of their hand.  Teagan ran all four of her laps without a problem.

But she had noticed something.  A friend of hers was struggling.  There is a little girl in her class that she has become friends with who is a bit on the heavy side.  The girl started to run but ended up with a cramp in her side and ended up walking instead.  And she was walking alone.

Teagan did her 4 laps and then went and walked a 5th time around.  With her friend.  To keep her company.

Teagan saw that the her friend was alone.  Teagan went and asked the coach if she could go and walk with her friend- even though she's already completed the 4 laps.  The coach said yes and Teagan ran off to walk with her friend.

As someone who has been the slow runner and had deep appreciation for Christy running back a block to be able to run with me... as someone who has been alone and been the underdog... as someone who has felt awkward in my own skin and embarassed that I couldn't do what everyone else was doing...

It warmed my heart that my daughter chose this act of kindness towards her friend.  My daughter who was bullying her classmates a year ago has figured out a little bit of what friendship and kindess really are and made a very real demonstration of those things yesterday.

My heart swelled and I was so glad to be able to tell my daughter how proud I was of her and how much it meant to me that she had made such an important choice.



C. Beth said...

That is AWESOME. :)

Alison said...

Yay! You've just had a rollercoaster of a month so far, haven't you?

msprimadonna67 said...

That's definitely a proud mom moment!

Practical Parenting said...

How wonderful that your daughter stopped to help a friend. You must be so proud.

Call Me Cate said...

What a sweet heart Teagan has. I remember my freshman year of high school, we had to do these fitness assessments and the one I dreaded the most was running the mile. I was a great sprinter but I've never been much of a runner. That was the only year I did well and it was all because a friend stayed by my side, encouraging me and cheering me along. I haven't thought of that (or her) in years but your story about Teagan made me remember.

Garret said...

Teagan is sweet... congrats on raising a great daughter!