Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fall 2011 TV

I've been doing this TV post thing for a while now- mostly because it helps me figure out how to set my DVR.  There will have to be a lot of pruning, I think.  So much starts up next week!!


Obviously we can't watch everything listed below.  And there are certainly new shows I'm leaving off the list that aren't getting good reviews or that just don't grab my attention.  But all of the below shows are either things we've been watching or will at least watch 1 episode to try it out.


New Girl - Premieres 9/20.  Looks funny enough to watch once or twice.

2 Broke Girls - I am minorly interested.  I'll give it 1 or 2 episodes. Premieres 9/19 after Two and a Half Men (I'd like to watch that first episode just for the sake of the reboot- I've never actually watched the show).

Person of Interest - Premieres 9/22.

Ringer - Watched the premiere Tuesday night this week.  Good enough that we will watch it again.  Hopefully the writing really picks up because it was pretty dreadfully predictable.

Terra Nova - Premieres 9/26.

Up All Night - Premiered last night.  We recorded it so I'll watch it later.


American Horror Story

Grimm - Premieres 10/21.


90210 - I missed most of last season.  I watched the season opener Tuesday night and read a little Wiki to get caught up.  It's a guilty pleasure- I enjoy it if I catch it.

Parenthood - This also started this week.  But this is also one I watch on DVD.  I'm a season behind.

Survivor 23 - Watched the premiere last night.  I thought I was gonna have to quit Survivor if last night's vote had gone in the other direction... thankfully, I can continue watching.

Glee - Premieres 9/20 and I can't wait!!! 

The Middle - One of my favorite shows and I am very excited for next week's premiere!

Modern Family - Ditto what I said about The Middle!

Big Bang Theory - Another show we love and can't miss. Premieres 9/22.

Community - Not enough people watch this show.  It is simply brilliant on so many levels. Premieres 9/22.

The Office - Not sure it can survive without "Michael Scott."  Premieres 9/22.

Chuck - Doesn't premiere until 10/21.  This is such a great show that has struggled along and I wish it would stick around a few more seasons.

Amazing Race - Starts up again on 9/25.  Although last season we lost interest and the last 2 or 3 episodes sat on the DVR for about 2 months before we finally watched.

Desperate Housewives - Final season.  Kinda sad but I think it's time. Premieres 9/25.

Dexter - I am a full season behind but plan to start watching that season soon (just need to get it on DVD).

Walking Dead - Fell for this show when Jeff made me start watching it.  I like it more than I thought I would.

True Blood - I'm a season behind since I didn't watch any of it this summer (no HBO).

Big Love - And another one I am behind on since I didn't yet watch the final season.

What are you watching this year?



mimbles said...

I just got caught up on True Blood today. I think the only thing I have on my to watch list now is Doctor Who.

Rebeca @ The Average Parent said...

I had Up All Night on in the background last night. Sadly, it wasn't funny enough to make me put the computer down. Too bad, because there's so much fodder to choose from. I just think they need better writers.

The Office - I haven't watched in a while, but I'd be interested to see James Spader

True Blood - We're watching that on DVD as well, so we're a season behind

New Girl - I'd be interested in, I think it's on Hulu

We are also really into The Tudors right now...streaming from Netflix. And I hear The Borgias is a good one to pick up when we're done with that.

Katherine said...

I'm back to watching Survivor and Amazing Race. Yay! I agree about The Office; it will be interesting to see if it can survive without Michael Scott.

Momza said...

Definitely CHUCK.
Not so committed to GLEE as in past seasons...Ryan Murphy is bent on making it a non-family-friendly show so it's probably not going to be seen in our house. Which stinks on ice, because I love the musical parts of it.
And I can't remember if there's anything else I wanna see.

Anonymous said...

We are not a big TV family but our favorites are NCIS, Grey's and The Good Wife. That's about it for us.

Call Me Cate said...

I'm not sure if I'll watch Glee again this season. It was losing my interest last time around. I do plan to check out Persons of Interest and I watched the Ringer but was disappointed. Community, The Office, Amazing Race, Mentalist and Harry's Law are the returning shows that come to mind and I'll keep watching.

Bill Lisleman said...

I've watch very few of what you mentioned. The office was good but I typically lose interest most of these shows. I prefer NOVA and Nature on PBS.
But I must say (maybe I'll add this to my FF post) there was a time when I was eager to watch DH. The first three or so seasons were a hit with me. Now I didn't know it was their last season. So what does that tell you?

Bill Lisleman said...

I thanked you in my post for letting me know DH is ending.

beth said...

Just made my chart today. :D On my schedule... (My rule with new shows is 3 eps...if I'm not captured by then, I drop it.)

The Amazing Race
Once Upon a Time
Pan Am (I'm really expecting this may drop after 3, but we'll see)
Biggest Loser
America's Next Top Model (guilty pleasure)
Grey's Anatomy (guilty pleasure)
Private Practice (guilty pleasure)
Prime Suspect

And of course Glee when it comes back on! And the late fall season of Rizzoli & Isles!!

Karen M. Peterson said...

Wow, Liz! I forgot how many shows we have in common.

I wasn't super thrilled with The Ringer. I think I'll watch that one on nights there's nothing else on.

Another show I'm excited about is Once Upon a Time, but I'm doing my Fall TV post tomorrow.

Unknown said...

The Walking Dead premieres on my bday and I am so excited!