Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Fragments - End of Month Style

I was in shock when August left and September crashed the summertime party.  Now it's suddenly about to be October!! 
Mommy's Idea

My fingers are getting twitchy.  I haven't been using my camera hardly at all lately.  Not even my camera phone camera which is usually my standby for moments when I don't have my DSLR around my neck.  I need to do some clicking this weekend!

Update on Teagan and adjustment to school: She's doing better.  More than that, Jeff and I are doing better as we start to realize more and more about her personality and how it plays out into her anxiety.  I've been reading up on perfectionism in kids and so much that I'm reading suits her.  I've read other books suggested to me before and nothing ever clicked but this is clicking.  I'm starting to see things through new eyes and hopefully Jeff and I can figure out ways of making things a little easier based on our new knowledge.  Bottom line is that she is happy at school, she has lots of friends, and we've got things in place to ease anxiety all around.
While Teagan enjoyed feeling grown up about buying her lunch, the waiting  in line thing was causing her anxiety.  She recognized the stress and asked if she could just pack her lunch everyday.  More work for mom but so proud that she was able to realize the source of stress and have a good solution for it.  Even better, I like that we are in control of what she's consuming.  Our school system has a great lunch program that was revamped last year to include fresh fruits and veggies and an overall healthier menu.  But I still didn't love that she was eating, for example, pancakes from a plastic bag.  Instead, we pack things like: hard boiled egg (already shelled), bites of rotiserrie chicken, cheese (cut from a block or Babybel), fresh fruit like an apple or raspberries or strawberries, apple chips, peanut butter crackers, and so on.  Her favorite treat in her lunch box is a fortune cookie.  Proud of my girl who likes healthy food and doesn't insist on a lunch filled with cheetos and ho-ho's!
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I have been feeling some Mommy Guilt.  *cue doom music*  Teagan and this school thing takes so much energy and time that I feel like I've been neglecting Zach a bit.  Our evenings tend to revolve around the requirements of what needs to happen to get everything done and keep Teagan from melting down.  Get the kids inside, Teagan needs immediate down time to decompress so she usually lays down and watches a little TV first.  We get the kids a little snack to keep them out of the kitchen while we get dinner ready.  Then there is eating and homework and shower or bath time.  Then it's into pajamas and read a book or 2 or 4 and then sleepy time.  I'm spending my time getting Teagan set up with homework or helping her with the things she needs an adult involved in (like practicing for her spelling test).  Jeff's stepped up and been handling a good share of the cooking each night and that helps immensely.  But I just feel like I haven't had time with my little buddy boy.  He's feeling it, too, I think, because he's been coming to our bed at night again.  I think I need to plan a little date with him.
Have a great weekend!! We are spending some time at the zoo on Sunday- Jeff's company is having an annual event there.  Tonight I might be meeting up with a new friend to get some Girl Scout troop leadership tips.  Tomorrow is wide open at this point- which is awesome!



C. Beth said...

Thanks for the linky!! :)

It sounds like you have come to a point of peace with Teagan.... What a wonderful place to be. Now that your mind isn't so preoccupied I bet you'll find it's natural to start involving Zach more again.

Formerly known as Frau said...

Glad things are getting better for your daughter. Hope you have a wonderful weekend at the zoo.

The Crazy Coxes said...

It sounds like things are going well and you have lots of routines to help smooth tricky time! Have a great weekend!

Kristin - The Goat said...

Kids can usually handle being second for a little bit :) Your son probably appreciates it that your daughter isn't in a meltdown and understands.

Congrats on finding a book that clicks with you. It's hard to find those and I hope it helps your entire family.