Sunday, September 11, 2011

Kincaid's - A Review

I'm not usually one to write up reviews of my restaurant experiences but from time to time, an experience warrants some attention.  Last night, Christy and I dined at Kincaid's.

We had selected Kincaid's because of a special promotion going on called Northside Nights.  Various local restaurants offer a limited menu that highlights their best dishes for a special price.  Restaurants offer menus at 2 for $30 or $30 per person.  The Kincaid's menu caught our eye because of the Smoked Salmon Bisque and the Pear Bread Pudding.

I made a reservation online- pleased that we were able to get a table.  Kincaid's hadn't been our first choice but we weren't able to get a reservation at those other places.  I'm glad we weren't.

We were seated at a table by a wall of windows that looked out over a lake with a lit fountain in the middle.  Lovely view.  I curled one leg under myself on the seat- as I always do.  I started noticing something irritating my leg but didn't think much of it.  I started kind of swiping at my leg- thinking it was dirt from my shoe or something.  Then Christy found a small piece of glass on the table.  And I realized what I had felt on my leg was broken glass.  We looked around the table and realized it was all over- tiny little bits of broken glass.  Christy went to notify the hostess.  I stood up and checked my leg- I had a bright right mark where glass had been digging into my skin.  I look down and there are noticable pieces of broken glass all over the floor.

The response was immediate.  There was concern expressed over my leg (which was fine- no broken skin or anything, thankfully).  They got us a new table where we were safe from broken glass and could still enjoy the view.

We proceeded with our order.  A bottle of Cabernet being offered for $20 a bottle because of the special promotion.  Christy ordered the Smoked Salmon Bisque, Roasted Chicken Dijon, and Warm Pear Bread Pudding.  I ordered the Maytag Blue Cheese Salad, Rock Salt Roasted Prime Rib, and Famous Key Lime Pie.  We specifically ordered all different things because we like to share!

I watched as staff members worked on thoroughly cleaning up the glass from the area around and on the previous table.  I watched a manager very carefully inspect the area.

First course arrives.  I loved my salad- many of my favorite flavors.  It was bite sized romaine tossed in blue cheese dressing with blue cheese crumbles, sliced almonds, and hard boiled egg tossed in.  Christy's soup was fantastic!  Points not only for flavor but also for presentation.  It was brought in a bowl with the cremem fraiche in the bottom and bits of smoked salmon around the edge.  Then the bisque was poured in at the table.  It was delicious and fun!

Second course- the entree.  Both were heaven, honestly.  The chicken dijon was cooked prefectly and the dijon sauce was yummy.  But my prime rib was insanely good.  I had it prepared medium rare.  It was served with a dollop of horseradish that was tangy and had this amazing zing.  We each had silky potatoes- that were truly silky.  The veggie sides were both good.

Third course was dessert and it was, again, heaven.  Before it was served, the manager came by our table to see if we were happy with our meal.  She asked how my leg was and said that my dinner was paid for.

That's good customer service.  That's a business that recognizes it messed up and took action to make it right.

Christy's bread pudding was a large portion of warm bread with a layer of ice cream over the top- not a scoop, a layer.  The bourbon sauce was served on the side and was perfection.  My key lime pie was twice the size I expected and was served with a little ramakin of lemon sorbet that made the lime of the pie really pop.

So we will definitely be back to Kincaid's.  It isn't somewhere we'd be able to afford to eat for everyday occassions but it can go on the list of places to try for special occassions.  Looking over the regular menu has created a list of things I want to try- like the calamari that has artichokes listed in the description and the spicy ahi tacos and seafood etouffee!

So if you swing by my city, a visit to Kincaid's might be on the list of "must eat!"

Unknown Mami



Liz's Mom said...

What was the source of the glass? A broken glass, plate? Too bad they weren't as careful about the broken glass before you arrived. Glad they took care of you later on and you and Christy had a good dinner together.

Leontien said...

Oh you had me worrying there for a bit! I thought it was gonna be such a horrible experience that is why you wrote about it! I am glad it wasn't!!!

Hope you have a great week

Garret said...

Yummy! I think I may have drooled onto my keyboard as you described the prime rib...

Claudya Martinez said...

NICE! They did very well by you.

Kristin - The Goat said...

You described your meal so well that I'm wanting to take a road trip to eat there. :)

I'm so happy that they took care of your meal for you. Bravo! That was the perfect thing for them to do.

Nej said...

The food sounds great...but more importantly, the customer service sounds magnificent!!!!!