Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Fragments - No Catchy Title

Mommy's Idea

Today is the day that Amanda buries her 3 year old son, Elias.  Please pray for her and her family often today.  Check my posts from earlier this week if you want more information.  If you feel called to help this family, I have 2 ways you can do so.  1.  There is an online auction happening on Facebook.  Bidding just opened at 8 a.m. EST today and goes through Sunday.  Bid high, bid often.  There are items to bid on and there is also a space where you can pledge a donation to the family.  2.  If you have PayPal and would like to simply make a donation, donations are being taken via Pledgie.  Through both of these efforts, the hope is that we can alleviate the cost of the funeral, take care of the medical bills (would like to prevent them from even showing up- what a horrible reminder), and raise money for everyday expenses.  Amanda's husband is self-employed so if he can't work, there is no money being generated, there is no company giving paid time off or offering financial assistance.

I've made some changes and updates on the old blog.  Reposted some of my pages up above, changed up the background, cleaned up a few things.

Ever noticed that when you get a nice little windfall, the money just flows back out again that much faster?

I thought I had a lot of fragments saved up.  But I don't.  My heart aches for Amanda and her family.  My mind keeps imagining the horror that they are living through, the moments they are facing, the things they are forced to survive, the very long road ahead.

Trying to decide on plans for Spring Break.  My kids will be spending time with Grandma and will be away from home for the longest stint they've ever been away from us.  I am really looking forward to that time- not just for me and Jeff but also for them.  I have a lot of fond and precious memories of time spent visiting my grandparents for a week or more every summer and in the winter.  For the rest of that week, we are considering a getaway to the middle of nowhere- renting a cabin for a few nights and just being out in nature with no list of things to do, no agenda, no touristy stops.

Hug your kids.  Kiss your spouse.  Count your blessings.



Unknown said...

I've been visiting Amanda's blog since you spoke about her son. Absolutely heartbreaking. Thank you for linking to the auction. I bid on an item and I hope that this will help them even the tiniest bit. Nothing will ever take away the pain and loss, but I hope the prayers of the community will bring them some comfort.

viridian said...

Getting away for a few days does sound wonderful.

Wayne W Smith said...

My condolences for your friend. I will hop over and check out the auction.

Keetha Broyles said...

So sorry about your friend's little son. There just is no way to prepare for that.

Nani said...

Sending prayers for comfort and strength for your friend's family. How heartbreaking to lose a child.

Cyndy Bush said...

My heart is just breaking for Amanda & family. It's unfathomable, all of it.

Mrs4444 said...

A dear friend's husband (age 50) passed away unexpectedly last week. My heart breaks for her. When I laid in bed missing Mr.4444, I felt for poor Dot, who will never have her husband back. She told me tonight that she feels lifted up by the prayers so many are offering. I'll add Amanda and her family to my list.