Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sudden Inspiration

I really have no idea where it came from.

Saturday morning, I suddenly decided that of all the crazy messes in my house, the hall closet was the one to get a redo. 

This linen closet has long been a place to cram stuff when there just wasn't a good place to put stuff otherwise.  On top of that, we would try to cram in towels, too. 

I wish I had taken a "before" picture to share.  You'll just have to trust me- it was bad.

I dug everything out.  I threw stuff away, I set aside things to donate.  I took the kids to Target to buy organizational things to keep the space tidy.

From there, I hit the bathroom.  I cleaned out under the sink.  I cleaned out the behind the toilet cabinet thing. 

Then on to the living room.  I cleaned up toys, collected up dirty socks, gathered up the pounds of paper the kids bring home from school, and vacuumed.

I sat down and folded 2 hampers of clothes. 

I'm not entirely sure where the burst of energy came from.  I don't normally get on a cleaning kick.  I had been away from home pretty much the entire day so I'm not sure why I didn't want to come home and just crash on the couch.  But something about being away from home all day made me want to make home a better place.

Which got me thinking about other choices I make. 

This weekend, I had my first visit with my Wellness Coach at the Y.  More details on that in another post.  But as I was chatting with her, a very pretty young woman came in and asked if I was Liz.  Turns out, she's a reader of this blog, we're friends on Facebook, and I was an inspiration for her running journey.  He journey has since blossomed into this phenomenal Virtual Running Club on Facebook that also meets for group runs.  My Wellness Coach is part of the group, too.  I had been part of the group but left when I stopped running.

But now I've rejoined.

Sudden Inspiration can come from nowhere.  I had a burst of it to get some junk in my house cleared out.  And now I'm feeling it start to kick in to get back to running.  I went to a running store yesterday and tried on a pair of Vibrams.  That particular pair didn't work for me but I really liked them.  Maybe a new pair of running shoes is the last step to getting my running groove back.  When I set goals with my Wellness Coach, I set some running goals.  When I set goals with my trainer at Empower Fitness, I set some running goals. 

It's time to run.
When was the last time you found some sudden inspiration?



Garret said...

Hmmmmm. Sadly, not recently.

Leigh Powell Hines said...

Now, get my inspiration in order. Don't have any of that cleaning inspiration at all.