Friday, March 23, 2012


Mommy's Idea

I am looking for a few guest bloggers.  I'd like to have 5 lined up for the days around Easter.  Drop me an e-mail or connect with me on Facebook and we'll work something out.  Thanks!


Remember me telling you about the pain in my mom community because one of our moms had very unexpectedly lost her almost 4 year old to a virus?   We are taking up a collection specifically to help with buying groceries and meals.  It's tough for individuals to pick up a restaurant meal for a large family.  Plus, this family lives a little further out from the city so coordinating delivery can be tough.  So we are seeking donations so a gift card can be purchased or so someone who can purchase meals will be able to do so with donated group funds.  If you're interested in making a donation, contact me.


We had dinner out on Monday evening in a place located in a little strip of shops.  A family had come in- woman and man drove separately, woman had 2 very small children with her.  They get their food to go and get the kids back in her car and then the man and woman proceed to engage in a looooooong and close embrace.... and then some smooching.  We were totally gawking from our "front row seat" in the restaurant.  Teagan said it best, "They must love each other! A LOT!"


I used to keep a message board- back before I really knew much about blogging and bloggers and Facebook and social media.  My intention was to keep in touch with friends and family in one central location as Jeff and I went through pregnancy and parenthood.  I was already very familiar with message boards and participated on several so it was an easy thing to do.  It was basically a journal and focused on what we were doing at that point in time.  I have no way of taking that Proboard and saving it so I am working on copying and pasting the "important" posts to this blog.  I started blogging in Sept of 2008 but my dates in the sidebar now go back into 2007.


You might remember last year when I got to hang out with a bunch of teen girls from my church for the Revolve Tour.  This weekend, the Tour is here in our city and I get to tag along again- and I can't tell you how much it thrills me that the girls who went last year have expressed to random other adults how much they wanted me along again this time! 



Kori said...

What a sweet thing to have witnessed at the restaurant; there is so little love sometimes.

Alison said...

That message board project sounds time-consuming--but fun! Must be entertaining to see what you all were talking about 5 years ago.