Tuesday, March 20, 2012

WW: Week 6

13 pounds lost.

Not too bad in 6 weeks.  I tend to drop, then hold. Drop, then hold.

I'm finding that exercise is a really key piece of the puzzle.  I'm also finding that the group classes I take at the Y about once a week are really important in terms of challenging me and showing me where I am in my fitness quest.  They can really kick my hiney!!

Food is still a challenge and I often think it always will be.  It's easier to give in to the sweet and salty treats.  I find good alternatives and I also manage to budget for some of those treats- but I also have my days where I throw my hand sup and choose to eat what I want (like on Teagan's birthday).  What I've noticed is that I am still aware of my choices and, especially since last week's burrito incident, I am finding it easier to be satisfied by smaller amounts.  So I can fill up on healthy stuff from the salad bar and then have a small piece of pizza or a breadstick and not go into Automatic Overeat Mode.

One thing I really like about the Weight Watchers system is that I can look ahead at my day and make a choice that feels more informed.  Do I want my breakfast to be 3 points (oatmeal) or 6 (McD's egg n cheese muffin)?  6 is fine- but that means I should be doing less points at lunch or dinner, perhaps.  It's like a little math game I get to play out in my head.

Next week, I'm blogging over at Fit City and plan to share some thoughts and reflections on these new workouts I've been trying at the Y.  It's been an interesting month.

How are your healthy living goals going for you?



Katherine said...

You are doing amazing. I know several people on Weight Watchers, and they all love it. I keep thinking that I need to try it out, but honestly, the whole idea of trying to structure my meals that much stresses me out a little bit.

Garret said...

It's definitely a math game.