Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Walk in the Park

After a strange week of higher than normal temps (sunny and in the 80's- even requiring the air conditioner to get turned on), this week has been more like the spring I love.  It's still a bit warm- no need for a jacket during the day.

Instead of locking myself in the gym at lunch, I've been heading outdoors.  Yesterday, I walked in a local park and thought I'd just share a few images that I captured on my cell phone.


And I wish I had brought my good camera along.  This is an older woman- I'd say in her 70's and 2 people I'd guess to be in their 30's.  No kids in sight.  And they came to the park to fly a beautiful butterfly kite.  I wondered if this was a brother and sister celebrating a day with their grandmother.  I wondered if the kite or it being a butterfly held special meaning.  There had to be a story.  I considered approaching them to ask- but decided I preferred being an outsider and imagining all the possibilities.

This year, I think I'm enjoying Spring more than Fall.  Fall is one of my favorite seasons because of all the color changes as the leaves turn red, orange, yellow, purple, and brown.  But this year, I am really noticing the colors and vibrancy of Spring.  The whites and pinks and purples but also the different shades of green and the shapes and growth of the green of the grass and trees and bushes.

What season are you seeing where you are?



Angelic said...
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Angelic said...

I have to agree this Spring has been great. I love all the pretty flowers you took pictures of! Beautiful. When I was younger I was always a Summer that I'm older I prefer Fall. But this right now is just so wonderful that I'm loving it just as much!

Alison said...

It's so nice to get out and reconnect with nature (especially before the humidity and bugs return!) We were having summer for a couple of weeks, but spring came back this weekend...creeping back into the 80s again today. So I think we're having Sprimmer!

Karen M. Peterson said...

I love the beautiful Spring colors. Glad you're enjoying some warm weather.

I probably wouldn't have approached that family either. Sometimes it's fun to make up our own stories about people.

Garret said...

Great photos considering it was from a cell phone.

The heart on the tree was really cool!