Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Disney in September - Experience Conference

I lost my USB cable.  I haven't been able to pull pictures from my camera.  Finally remembered to really search for the cable, found one, and pulled lots of pictures from my camera.

And I was reminded of some really great times in the past few months.

I went to Disney World for the Experience Conference.  I stayed in the Contemporary with my good friend and pastor, Jennifer.  The conference is a worship leadership conference.  The conference was awesome, the sessions were awesome, the music was awesome, and being at Disney was awesome.

Lincoln Brewster

Vonda Dyer (vocal coach - learned SO MUCH!!!)

Jared Anderson

Christy Nockels

One of my favorite bands - The City Harmonic

Fun around Disney - Epcot

One of my favorite memories was waking up the first morning before the sun had come up.  Our room was right by the lake and a small bit of sand.  I went outside to pray and meditate and just soak in the glory of the world around me.

There was a lot that came from that trip.

I eventually came to realize that my focus in serving my church needs to be on Worship and Leadership.  I've been pushed in those directions in different ways in 2012 and am realizing that the discomfort of change and new roles and responsibilities has brought me to a place where I am eager to do God's work in my church.

I left Disney knowing that I had to bring my family for a vacation.  We are making that happen this year.

That morning that I sat outside and watched the sun rise and the ducks play and the birds fly... I was so deeply at peace.  I was so content.  And I have held on to the memory of that feeling.

2012 was a year of growth and change - and it was often very uncomfortable.  Looking back at these pictures is helping me to more clearly see the path that God was leading me on.  2013 is going to be the year that these lessons and changes apply to my life in a more real and tangible way.

Looking back at the sunset, the water, remembering the beach... I'm reminded of peace and contentment.  And that's where my heart needs to remain.


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Garret said...

Great photos... especially the seagulls and the moon!