Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year for the Junior Set

I saw a fun idea on another website and decided to do a version of it here.

2013 is the first dawning of the new year where Teagan has asked about the "ball dropping."  We recorded it and watched it in the morning.  We also watched performances by Taylor Swift (the kids liked her but, as Zach said, she's no Katy Perry) and Justin Bieber (the kids were unimpressed and failed to see why their friends are such fans).  We counted down and yelled Happy New Year!  None of us were in a place to ring in the New Year the night before - we were all asleep except for Jeff.

What a Year It's Been!

Age 7
Favorite color: light blue
Favorite food: sushi
Favorite activity: reading
Favorite book: Junie B Jones: Dumb Bunny

Important lesson learned:  That even though other people are different, you should still treat them all the same.
Hardest thing that happened this year: When Buttons died.
Favorite memory: Starting 2nd grade

In 2013, I want to:
Learn: more about people and different kinds of people
Get better at: being a good kid
Achieve a goal: Be a better reader (and stop biting nails)

Age 5
Favorite color: red and green and yellow and purple and light green and dark green and orange and blue and turquoise
Favorite food: fruit snacks
Favorite activity: playing Mario
Favorite book: Scooby Doo

Important lesson learned: nah
Hardest thing that happened this year: How would I know?
Favorite memory: I don't know. Uh - playing on my DS (Nintendo)

In 2013, I want to:
Learn: How to read
Get better at: I don't know.
Achieve a goal: I have no idea!

As you can see - Zach isn't quite to a point of thinking about the year gone by and the year ahead.  I kind of like that about him.

What a year it's been for... me.

Age 38
Favorite color: Yellow
Favorite food: sushi
Favorite activity: singing
Favorite book (of 2012): The Hunger Games

Important lesson learned in 2012 - That life can be difficult without a Big Problem.  Life can be hard and can wear you down with just daily stresses that build and build.
Hardest thing that happened this year:  All the changes in my workplace - systems changes and layoffs and personnel changes.
Favorite memory: I really cherish my time at Disney in Sept.  Partially because of the conference I attended (Experience Conference - for worship leaders), partially because of time spent deepening a friendship, and partially because I hugged Winnie the Pooh and cried.

In 2013, I want to:
Learn: I want to relearn running.
Get better at: Maintaining an exercise schedule and healthy living plan.
Achieve a goal:  Run a 5K.

Jeff, like his son, is more of an "I don't know" kind of guy.  He says the hardest part of 2012 was watching me struggle with my job situation.  Favorite memory from 2012... don't know.  2013... wants to learn... no clue.  Wants to achieve... financial freedom (by having lots of money).

Instead of just setting a resolution, I like this opportunity to take a snapshot of where our family is and where we are heading.



Katherine said...

I need to sit down and do something like this with my boys.

Unknown said...

Darn it.
Now I want sushi.
Happy New Year to you Liz! I have missed you!
Wishing you a beautiful year. Love, Becky

Garret said...

I'd be the same as Jeff and Zach but I think it's really just merely not remembering. Once someone said something like "Buttons passing" I'd be like, "oh yeah".