Friday, January 25, 2013

She's A Cheerleader!

After months and months of practice, Teagan's cheer squad has their uniforms and is now doing performances at area schools during halftime.

It's adorable overload.  And also proud mama moments.

She's getting so grown up.



Nej said...

OMG, she's adorable!!!!! I want video!!! :-)

Leticia said...

So so cute! I miss those days! <3

Katherine said...

Now that is just darling!

Karen M. Peterson said...

So cute! She looks like she loves it!

Garret said...

This is soooo awesome Liz!

Jennine Stalder said...

Oh wow, you have an extremely adorable little cheerleader right there! And a hard working one as well. I can only imagine how proud you are while watching her in her cheerleading uniform, performing in front of a crowd.
Jennine @