Friday, January 11, 2013


I am still very much enjoying my return to making better choices.  I'm taking baby steps and it's going well.

Week 1, I focused on getting in a 15 minute workout.  I used Leslie Sansone's 1 mile walk and I am tracking my efforts in her Mile A Day Challenge.

At the end of the first week, I attended the annual Zumba for Autism event hosted by a very fit, fun and passionate mom and her Zumba partners.  I attended what I think was the first event a couple of years ago and have attended each event since.  I was worried I'd really struggle with a long workout.  There were nice breaks built in and I did a total of 90 minutes of Zumba!  My quads were pretty sore for the next couple of days but I did it and it didn't kill me.

Week 2, I bumped up my 1 mile (15 minutes) to 2 miles.  Generally speaking, if I can do 15 minutes, I can do 30.  This is especially true since I've been doing my workouts while we watch TV after the kids go to bed.

And in the past 2 weeks, I've discovered that I am still motivated by having events on my calendar.

March 30 - Big Kahuna's Virtual 5K

April 20 - Race for the Cure 5K

June 29 - Freedom Festival 5K

September 14 - Color Me Rad 5K

There is a group at church starting up - a Biggest Loser type competition where we all put money in and someone wins the pot at the end.  Jeff and I are both signing up for that.

The healthy living group I started on Facebook is alive and kicking.  We've got some new members and some regulars jump starting and those who have this exercise thing down and we all encourage, support, motivate, and hold each other accountable.

It's exciting to be excited about exercise again.  I've got some Big Ideas and I'm hoping YOU come along for the ride!!


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Katherine said...

I've actually set my first real goal this year - to run an actual 5K. In fact, my whole family plans on running in the Color Run this fall.