Saturday, March 29, 2014

Menu Plan: Spring Break

The kids have spring break this week so the menu planning is going to be a little different, I think.  Instead of crazy rushed schedules, it might be a little more laid back.  Plus, there could be a getaway for me and the kids at the end of the week to go pick up that genius quilt my mom designed and made!

I still have 2 of the meats seasoned and frozen from last week that would just need to go to the crock pot for the afternoon.  Since Jeff will be home with the kiddos, he can be in charge of that!

So the menu looks a little lonely.  But that's ok.  And since the meats are prepped and ready to go, it will be hat much easier to do the shopping this week!  I think we will have to make sure we have food the kids might want to eat for lunch and breakfast more than anything.

So even though it is a light week, I still want to stay accountable to menu planning and cooking at home.

And feel free to share any fantastic dishes you've tried or meal plans your families have loved!!

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