Thursday, July 3, 2014

Got Extra Money?

Once you stop laughing...

I know, money can be a tough subject.  It seems none of us ever have enough, right?  Or we recognize the blessing of paying our bills but in the next breath we realize there is something more that we want or an unexpected expense pops up.

We live comfortably.  We can afford extras.  And we still carefully watch and choose what to spend our money on.

But if I had a lot of extra money, I know I'd be using it to donate to various organizations and people who simply need a little extra help.

For example (and feel free to make donations of your own on any of these!)

I am on a team to participate in an all women build for Habitat for Humanity in Indianapolis in September.  I have to raise funds to secure my spot on the team.  This build is funded 100% by women, the build is done 100% by women.  It's pretty awesome to be part of this event!!  Want to make a donation towards my efforts?  Here's the LINK.

I recently shared about my new involvement in the group IR4 and my new inspiration, Scarlett.  Her family is getting very close to hitting a fundraising goal that will help significantly with her mobility.  Want to donate?  Here's the LINK!

I have a cousin who lives far, far away in the mystical land of California... He used to live in nearby Ohio.  So it's been a long time since I've seen him.  I mean a really long time.  Like - he up and moved away and then met a girl and then got married and then had a baby and then another baby and then another baby and I've not met any of these babies or this wonderful wife!  Thankfully, we have Facebook to keep us connected.  My cousin is going back to school to make a big career change so he can better support his family.  Going back to school means either taking on debt or asking for help to pay for tuition.  And they're asking for help.  So if you'd like to help my cousin get his Commerical Driver's License... here's the LINK!

And last but not least... a friend of mine has a friend going through a hard time.  And when you see a friend struggling and you want to do something, anything, to help... sometimes you get a little creative.  So my friend has set up a collection to help support this mom.  I've been the child of a single mom who is struggling financially and I know that gifts from angels can make a big difference.  So if you'd like to help out a mom who has suddenly found herself as a single parent and lacking income... here's the LINK.

I am incredibly blessed that I could sit down this morning and pay my bills.  I don't have to wonder if I should pay the electricity or the water this time around.  I tithe to my church.  I can give a few donations to good causes.

In my eyes, the money I earn is a gift from God.  I use it responsibly to take care of my family.  But I believe that I'm also given this money to be a good steward and use it to care compassionately for others.  And today, I was able to sit down and make a few donations to a few important causes and people.

It's good to be blessed.  It's even better to share those blessings.

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