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@IndyStateFair - Best Day To Go

Everyone who is a regular visitor to the Indiana State Fair has an opinion on what the best day is for visiting the Indiana State Fair.  It's hard to pick just one day and the great thing is that each day offers something different that will appeal to different people.

Here are some great insights on some personal favorite days at the Indiana State Fair!

We love Wristband Days. With a large family, it just wouldn't be possible to let our kids enjoy the rides without a serious deal. We spend the morning wandering the Fair, let the kids loose in the midway for the afternoon, and often stay for a free concert in the evening.” – Heather Sokol 

We love $2 Tuesdays because you can get smaller portions so that you don't feel guilty trying a bigger variety of foods. The portion sizes are perfect for kids or for adults who want one of everything!” – Tricia from Helping Moms Connect 

I second $2 Tuesdays! We can get a sample of a little of everything for the family. My kids are picky eaters and want to eat everything so this works to get more and hav ehappy kids!” – Eghe from The Expecting Mamas Network

Amd who better to advise on best days at the Indiana State Fair than the people who help make the Fair happen?

My favorite day is opening day. There is nothing that can match arriving early on the first day and seeing the sunrise over the Track of Champions and the calm you experience before a 17-day celebration begins. And with the Giant Hot-Air Balloon launch on opening day this year, the experience will be even more awe-inspiring.” – Kristen Wolfred, ISF Director of Marketing & Strategy 

“I’m partial to County Queens Day, which is Sunday, Aug. 10 this year. Having the girls here from all over the state roaming around the fairgrounds is one of our fair’s great traditions. I like seeing them enjoy themselves without the stress of competing in the State Fair Queen Pageant. It brings back great memories for me.” – Bobbi Bates, ISF Special Events Manager

“In general, I like Sundays at the fair. The crowd is normally a little later to arrive than other days and it’s usually when we plan to have my family come for a visit. I’ll try to spend a couple hours with them seeing some shows, visiting the barns and hitting the midway… topped off with some great fair food, of course!” – Andy Klotz, ISF Public Relations Director

And my own personal favorite day at the Indiana State Fair?  It's so hard to choose!

I love $2 Tuesdays for the reasons given above - getting to try lots of different foods in smaller portions and so budget friendly.

I love Opening Day and the Hot Air Balloon Launch.

I love Farmers Day and the FFA Pancake Breakfast - when I can go to that breakfast, I love to ride the shuttle for 1 loop around the fairgrounds as everything is waking up for the day.

But most of all, I love any day that I get to go to the Fair.  I almost always discover something new and I love to enjoy my standard favorites. Coming to the Fair early in the morning and heading to the Dairy Bar for a cold glass of chocolate milk, watching the Fair come to life as the day fires up, seeing the creations in the Home & Family Arts Building, learning more about Indiana agriculture and products in the Ag/Hort Building and the DuPont Food Pavilion, catching local groups on the Dance Stage, enjoying some bluegrass in Pioneer Village.  But most of all, it's the surprises of the State Fair that I treasure.  Like learning how to make really good omelettes.  Or the year my kids spent an afternoon being independent (from me) and having fun together on the midway for an afternoon. Or the year I learned about vertical gardens.

Every year, there is something special that happens at the Indiana State Fair.  And I am very excited to see what happens this year!

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