Wednesday, July 30, 2014


PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome) is a hormonal disorder.  It gets the name because of cysts that can form on the ovaries - but the cysts aren't always present.

Back in April, I had a heavy heavy period that lasted for 18 days.  I don't intend to gross anyone out here... but it was the kind of heavy that meant using the restroom every 1-2 hours, changing a super plus tampon, and dealing with some massive clots.  I called the gynocologist because I knew it wasn't normal to bleed like that for 18 days.

Went through a couple rounds of testing.  No cysts that are adnormal or of concern.  So it's just a matter of getting back to managing the PCOS which can most commonly be done by birth control pill (which is a dose of hormones, hence the treatment for a hormonal disorder).

I have friends who also have PCOS and have it far worse than I do.  More cysts, bigger cysts, other health issues that complicate their treatment.

For some reason, getting closer to turning 40 seems to mean that my own female health is going to kick up a notch and present some new difficulties. Wheeeee!

So I've gone through 1 month of pills.  I have to take them at a set time each day.  Chew it up, drink water.  That first cycle was wonderful.  I could feel the overall balance in my emotional state which means my hormones weren't quite so out of whack.  The period itself was way way light and no discomfort.  It was wonderful!

Start the second pack of pills.  Midway through... and I start my period.  Crud.  Call the doctor's office.  I'm told to keep next week's follow up appointment where we will now discuss ablation.  I'm also told to take Aleve to help with bleeding and cramps.

Because that's the really fun part of this "I'm taking my hormones but my period showed up anyway" thing.  Again - not intending to groww anyone out.  It's not a heavy bleed.  No tampons required.  And it's mostly older blood (brown).  But then it kicks up with bright red and some small clots.  And the cramping and pressure is pretty constant.  I'm exhausted half the day.  By about 2:00, I'm done.  I want to lay down and sleep.  And the emotions?  The hormones are totally whack right now.  I can *feel* how on edge I am.  I want to argue for the sake of being right.  I want to feel loved and cared for and be all whimpy and needy.  I want to prowl around and seek out reasons for people to not be trusted.

It's a really awful way to feel.

So the birth control pill plan may not be the plan that ends up working.  And if I seem extra sensitive or extra cranky... please don't take it personally.

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Jaime said...

The closer we get to 40, the crazier we become, right? I have similar issues right now. I'm just counting the days (which is actually years) until my doc will do a hysterectomy.

I have PCOS as well, and the Mirena has helped more than the pills. I'm not one of the lucky ones that doesn't get a monthly visit, but they are much, much more manageable.

Good luck! I hope it's a short route to a positive solution!

Momza said...

Liz, I appreciate how open you are about real life--thank you.
I have a two daughters with is hard to watch them be in such pain during the month.
I myself, had the Ablation surgery. Best thing I ever did for myself! I would do it again in a heartbeat. Hope you and your doctor figure out what's best for you.

Mrs4444 said...

Good luck with your upcoming decisions. It sucks not to feel like yourself. For what it's worth, for years I took an herbal called Chaste Berry Extract for mild endometriosis and "monthly mental illness." It completely took care of the MMI and mostly regulated my periods. It was cheaper than the pill and seemed less radical to me. Just food for thought...