Monday, July 14, 2014

@IndyStateFair - Discount Admission Deals!

I've perused the Indiana State Fair Program and have put together the deals that I think are pretty exciting for discounted or even free admission to the great Indiana State Fair this year!!!

On August 4, be sure to buy a copy of the Indianapolis Star for everyone who can go to the Fair on Weds, Aug 6.  The Star will be printing a free admission voucher in the paper for admission on Weds, Aug 6.  Each person will need their own voucher so pick up multiple copies of the paper!

One of my very favorite days at the Indiana State Fair are $2 Tuesdays!  Admission is only $2 and the majority of food and drink vendors will have smaller portion offerings of their goodies for just $2.  It's a great way to enjoy the Fair on a budget!  It's also a great way to try something you maybe haven't tried before.

August 7 is State Employee Day and Honoring Our Armed Forces and Veterans Day.  This means free admission (with ID) for State employees.  And free admission with a military ID for current military and veterans and their families.

Have a big family or lots of friends?  IPL Carload Day is perfect for you!  August 11, you can fill your vehicle with up to 10 people and get in for just $15 for the carload!  (Please be safe, though)  You need a voucher so keep checking the Indiana State Fair website for the voucher to become available.

On August 13, you can use THIS voucher from the BMV for half price admission!

Are you a member of AAA?  August 14 is your lucky day!  1 valid AAA card per person - free admission!

And another exciting day is August 15 - Foodie Friday.  Admission is $5 that day and many vendors will offer a discounted food or drink item!

There are other deals to check out - so many specials and deals and ways to get discounted tickets.  If you can't take advantage of any of these special deals, be sure to buy your tickets in advance from Wal Mart or CVS or online from the Indiana State Fair (July 1-31).  Tickets purchased on July are only $7 instead of the regular $10 admission.

Parking at the fairgrounds is $5 but there is an option for parking, too.  Park at Glendale Mall's Rural St lot and ride a shuttle to the fairgrounds.  The shuttle runs every 20 minutes.  And while riding the Fair Train is certainly not free (it's a special treat and rather pricey), that is another way to not pay for parking.

See you at the Fair!

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