Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Menu Planning: Back To It!

I fell off the wagon!  Summer break started and I guess I decided that eating gets a break, too.  I don't know exactly how we got back into our eating out habit, but we've fallen back into it really hard.  It's been since... the first week of April!

For the sake of health and budget, it's time to get back on track.

I've got a chicken in the crock pot today for tonight's dinner.  We'll have rice and a veggie (I've got stuff in the freezer) with it.  

I've put together a plan to eat healthier this week.  I plan to make some healthy banana pancakes that I can freeze and then eat at work or at home.  I plan to boil eggs and make egg salad.  I have thought about food for breakfast, snacks, and lunch for each day.  I've thought about dinner food for the first couple nights of the week.

The funny thing is that I am starting all of this back up on a very busy week!  Vacation Bible School is this week at church.  The kids are attending and I am volunteering.  And this means that I get home around 4:30-4:45 each day and have to be at church about an hour later.  That is not a lot of time for dinner.

If I take the time and make the effort, I can have food ready within 20 minutes of getting home.  The other option would be hitting the drive through every night and eating in the car.  I don't like that plan.

The biggest driver this time around is that I haven't been feeling well.  Aside from the myriad health issues I've had this summer (lots of mostly minor things or things that end up being nothing) - at the end of the day, I just don't feel well.  My lunch will sit heavy in my stomach and when I'm driving home, the idea of food is unappealing.  Until later in the evening.  When I then eat more nasty junk.  Fruits and vegetables have been non-existent in my diet.

Well, that changes now.

Banana pancakes (with pecans and sliced banana)
Eggs and toast, fruit

broccoli slaw with sliced almonds and cilantro-avocado yogurt dressing)
egg salad and triscuits, fruit

meat (usually chicken), starch (brown rice, potatoes, or multi-grain medley), vegetable, fruit for dessert if I want something sweet.  Tonight, I've got a whole chicken in the crock pot

cheese and triscuits, larabar, fresh fruit, cucumber salad, radishes

It's just a matter of getting back to basics.  I've been more active lately but my terrible eating habits are keeping me feeling pretty blah.  Time to change that!

Plus... there's that adults only vacation coming up... and I will need lots of energy for that!

Anyone else need to get back on track??

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Katherine said...

Good for you! I think that meal planning during the summer is so hard. We just returned from vacation, and I can't bring myself to start planning meals again. It's easier to just go with the relaxed flow of summer. But it definitely makes the days easier when I do. I need to get back on the wagon, too.