Monday, April 6, 2009

Blah, Blahditty, Blah

I have nothing to say today. I want to freeze this moment in time. because it is truly rare that I find myself at a loss for words. So let's just do the random thing and see where my thoughts take us, shall we?
- I can actually find myself crying for someone else's baby when I hear about moms who practice "crying it out" in the extreme sense. On particular days, I almost shake and weep. Seriously. And if it's an online sharing of this sort of thing and I choose to respond, it takes all I have to withhold my anger. Because I see it from the baby's perspective. I lived it from the mom's. I know how demanding these little people are. But I have this innate sense of what life looks like from the baby's point of view... and it can be terrifying and heartbreaking.
- Given how emotional I can get over people doing versions of "cry it out," you can imagine that I do NOT follow news stories about missing, kidnapped, abused, killed... children, babies. I can't. If the news comes on and there is anything about a baby found on the highway, falling out of a window, shaken, burned, or any other "newsworthy" atrocity, the news source gets turned off. I can't bear it. The sharing of personal experience, personal stories- that I can deal with because I fell like there is growth and healing in sharing. But the "news" aspect of those stories... the vultures all over the "Tot Mom" case... heck, even the crap with the "Octomom..." And again, my reaction is because I see things from the perspective of the child, not because I have sympathy for the mom.
- If I made the news in a story related to parenting, I wonder what nickname the media would give me?
- I spent all of last week busting my ass at work and now I have no motivation to get anything done. And I have at least 2 things I should really get done today. Have to get done today. And have no interest in focusing on those tasks. at. all.
- Carrie Underwood must be hugely thankful for American Idol. Folks can knock that show all they want. But AI has turned out some serious talent! Carrie Underwood, Daughtry, Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson, Clay Aiken... and this season has a handful of seriously talented young people that I think will go far (especially if they don't win the show).
- I feel really old when I say that the people competing on AI are "young people." I remember turning 24 and being upset because I'd aged out of applying to be The Real World...
- I'm hooked on a soap opera again. It started... in high school or college. Got strong in college. Fell back a little and then got back into it. I don't go so far as recording it... but if I miss a big day, I will look for it on SOAP that night. One Life to Live. I've been an All My Children fan before but OLTL has me hooked right now.
- And while I've never ever been a Guiding Light fan, I am sad to see it go away. That's an amazing history. 72 years. Started as a radio show before TV even existed!
- I can't say this in other places but this is my blog and I can say whatever I want. In certain circles, I have to maintain a certain decorum. But my blog... I guess I'm inspired by Alix of CASA HICE. My blog, my business, I can say what I want. Right? So let me vent a moment. And I'm not going to say this in the context of community theatre and how making a commitment and sticking to it is of the utmost importance and I'm not going to talk about the weight of a person's reputation and the disappointment when a person fails miserably in living up to even an iota of that reputation and I'm not going to give a lot of details about the miserable and pathetic failings on what should have been a moderately simple project for someone who is supposed to be vastly talented and experienced in this area. Not gonna. Instead, I'm gonna say... DON'T PISS OFF OR HURT MY FRIENDS. My friend has been uber-stressed and it all relates to ONE person not doing their job, not fulfilling their promises, not even making up for it when they swear they are going to "prove themselves." And when my friend is stressed, I have a lot less fun with said friend. So see- it's really all about ME.
You know... I sure end up with a lot to say when I think I have nothing to say.


Mary Ellen said...

I like your random thoughts. And boy, if I ever need a friend to be on my side, I hope you're available!

Boozy Tooth said...

Go Liz, Go!

I was totally grooving on all the random stuff. I had comments on all of it, but when I got to the part where you mentioned my name and blog and said that YOU were inspired by ME (or should I say my bloggy hissy fit a couple weeks ago) - well, well... well I forgot everything I was going to say.

Except thanks.

You mean the world to me Liz and a mention from you is a tremendous compliment.

Cajoh said...

My problem is I tend to think like this all the time but cannot write it down because I spell as I type and lose my train of thought once I hit a word I cannot spell.

Anonymous said...

Random and well said.

Lynn Freeman said...

Hey Liz: I LOVE your profile pic today - I'm glad you didn't cut your hair.

Oh...and I love what you "don't" have to say today LOL

Joanie said...
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Joanie said...

Boy, for someone who had nothing to say at the top of the page, you sure said a mouthful! Love the randomness of this post. You really should check out Random Tuesday Thoughts. You can even get a cool button to put on your sidebar!

I wanted to tell you that my daughter, Gina's roommate from college is Allison on as The World Turns. She has other friends in the business too who have done some cool things.

Garret said...

Randomly? Happy Valentines Day!