Friday, December 4, 2009

Deck the Halls with Friday Fragments

Fa la la la la, La la la la!

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Glee is getting ready to air the fall finale. I really wish they had done a Christmas special. I would adore a Glee cast holiday music album.


And doesn't it seem like there aren't as many good holiday episodes anymore? My favorite was from My So-Called Life... remember that one? With the homeless teen?


I had to be at work 30 minutes early today. This meant that I missed out on time with my kids and missed out on taking Teagan to school. I also had to cut my routine short and skipped putting on make up. All for a meeting that I didn't really need to be in attendance for. *sigh*


I wish ABC still had After School Specials.


I watched part of the Hallmark Hall of Fame movie, A Dog Named Christmas, this past Sunday night. I hadn't intended to watch because it looked overly sappy. And it totally was. But now it's got me wanting a dog. And we really aren't in the right place to add a new dog to our family.


The best part of watching a Hallmark movie is that the commercials are all for Hallmark. I do love most Hallmark commercials. Brother of the Bride was great and I liked the one with the young mom trying to give her busy at the holiday gathering mom a card to thank her for helping them get through the past year.


I heard a Christmas medley on the radio last night and LOVED IT. At music team, my friend Kirsten helped me figure out what it was. It's "The 12 Days of Christmas" by Straight No Chaser. Go to their site- their version of We Three Kings is not to be missed! And now that I am looking at their website, they were apparently on a local TV station here this morning as they are playing a concert here tomorrow night. Wow! I found this video of a sneak peak of their concert- it starts with a Christmas Can-Can. It's fantastic!!


Busy weekends coming up for us- but filled with fun stuff. We always take everything as laid back as possible so if something gets cut short or cancelled, no biggee. But here's our current agenda: Tomorrow, Chicago for a huge family gathering. Home Sunday morning. Sunday afternoon/evening at the Indianapolis Zoo with Indy Next weekend: Saturday at the State Museum to see Santa, admire the old LS Ayres Christmas windows, ride the old Ayres mini train (the kids love it), and enjoy the Girl Scouts Sing Along. Sunday, I'm taking Teagan to see a local production of "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" at CrazyLake. My blogging buddy, Better In Writing, invited us! Weekend of 12/19: Saturday we plan to head to The Indianapolis Children's Museum. We've been putting of and putting off renewing our membership. We didn't renew immediately because there was a huge Tut exhibit that went in June-Oct and we didn't want to deal with those crowds for an exhibit we wouldn't be seeing. But now we are ready to start back to it and the holiday fun at the Children's Museum is awesome! 12/23 is Teagan's preschool class party that another mom and I will be planning since we are the room moms! The other mom can't be there that day so I'll either do the party on my own- or maybe Jeff will come help out. Xmas Eve we go to Jeff's folks' house at 4 for dinner and gifts. Church at 7 (I'll sing with Music Team) and then I go back for the 11:00 service which is the "Lessons and Carols" service (sing and read Scripture with Music Team). Xmas Day- off to my parents' home. And I have this crazy idea that I'm going to do holiday baking on Sunday evenings. Riiiiiight.


That last paragraph wasn't really a fragment. My bad.


I just got permission to beat up one of my business contacts at work. An unresponsive supplier causing us a backorder problem. I've already sent strongly worded e-mails over the past few weeks and gotten nowhere... so now I get to go through proper channels (Quality Control). It's boring to type about but it is big excitement here!


This is a very long post for being a fragments post. So I'll go ahead and quit now. Happy Friday!!


Karen M. Peterson said...

I am SO bummed there won't be a Glee Christmas episode this year. But I'm thinking there probably will be next year, as long as the show gets renewed.

Sounds like your December is going to be busy. Hope it's good!

Stacy Uncorked said...

There does seem to be a major lack of holiday episodes on shows anymore...I wonder if it's all the PC mode?

Princess Nagger and I watched A Dog Named Christmas - I DVR'd it do we could watch it the next day since she was off school. I was surprised it kept her interest, but it was a warm fuzzy movie. And I'm with you - I LOVE the Hallmark commercials. They're the only commercials I'll actually watch...and enjoy. ;)

Happy FF! :)

Claudya Martinez said...

I love the new FF badge.

I wish they still did the after school specials too. I went to the library and they had a bunch on DVD. I wanted to get them, but my husband was not into it.

Jessica B said...

I miss "My So Called Life" sooooo much!! Wanted to buy the season, but it is OUTRAGEOUSLY priced =(

Alison said...

We, too, saw part of A Dog Named Christmas, mostly b/c my sap-loving mother was here! And then Mom and Dad went to bed, leaving Miss Chef and me stranded bleary-eyed on the couch. We did manage to go to bed without staying up to watch the whole thing.

And your after-school special comment made me think of School House Rock. I used to use the Grammar Rock VHS w/my French students, to re-introduce them to the concepts of things like adjectives and adverbs. We all loved it; music is really the best way to teach young people.

Mrs4444 said...

It's going to be a bummer to have no Glee to watch (we watch it as a family and always look forward to it.) I agree; a Christmas Glee would be awesome!

After School Specials? Don't get me started--I LOVED 'em. In fact, I know it's kind of weird, but there was one in particular that I have thought about ever since I was a kid and can't get out of my mind. Unfortunately, I can't remember enough of it (or the spelling) to be able to Google it and find out why it's stuck with me all this time. Maybe you remember it? It was about at least one Asian(?) kid and a friendship. I only remember the last line; the one friend is leaving and calls out to the other, "Komatsu (sp?)....Thank you!" I'd love to find this episode. I guess your long fragment inspired me to write a long comment! Sorry about that :)