Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Shopping

Whew! Last night, I got bit by the shopping bug and ran out to Target and shopped for 2 solid hours. And got most of my shopping done! Finished up a few things this morning and only have a couple more things left to get.

I don't do shopping well. I don't do malls. I worked in malls long enough to have a deep distaste for them. I worked at Suncoast Motion Picture Co in high school and college. They are now out of business- they sold movies and movie collectibles. I loved my job, I hated the mall. I worked at The Children's Place when I moved to Indianapolis. Liked my job, hated the mall. The word "mall" seems to have roots in the word "mean" and "rude" and"thoughtless." I got so tired of the crowds of people, the arguing, the negotiating, the complaining. And most of the people aren't there to be around other people- they are there to get what they want.

Hence the reason I've spent many holiday shopping hours at my computer the past few years. This year, I did venture out of my comfort zone a smidge and hit Target and Kohl's. And it wasn't so bad. I sang Christmas songs under my breath the whole time and had full plans to react to any dirty looks with a full blast "FIVE GOOOOOOOLD RIIIIINGS!"

Jeff and I are doing something a little different this year with the kids.

Something you want
Something you need
Something you wear
Something you read

Now, the idea is to use this to control how much stuff you buy. I'm already guilty of buying multiple things in the categories. But it has still limited the craziness I can be infected with at this time of year.

Here's the break down so far:


* Zach is getting Spiderman sheets and a rocket ship night light.
* Teagan is getting a piggy bank and a wearable blanket (basically a Tinkerbell snuggie).


* Zach is getting an Elmo fleece shirt and a Spiderman fleece shirt. He is also getting BIG BOY UNDERWEAR as he is really on the verge of being ready to go full on potty training!! The underwear are Thomas the Tank Engine and Cars (Lightening McQueen, Mater).
* Teagan is getting a pink sweater with a fake fur lined hood, a Wonder Woman long sleeved shirt, tights, Tinkerbell undies, Disney Princesses underwear.

Jeff is in charge of want and read for each kid. I like that we split them up- makes it a bit more challenging and takes some of the stress of me!

I got Christy finished up today. Got teachers and daycare provider done.

But the purchase I'm happiest about is a wok. For Tim Graddy. Our Indy Moms are coming together, once again, to lift up this family. We've got teams for each side of town and each team is assigned one of the 4 kids. I'm taking collections from people who want to chip in to buy gifts for Tim. He asked for a wok. Because the kids love stir fry. I love that. I think it shows how much he is working hard to embrace this new life of widowed fatherhood. He's taken a step back at work so that he can have a position with more stable and regular hours. When Michele was alive, as I understand it, his role was breadwinner, husband. Michele managed the house, the finances, took care of everything. He has had to step up and really learn a new role in life and has had to figure it out without his partner, his best friend. I am so impressed with all he has done, with the people who have stepped up to help, with the support that has come out for the holidays. I'm just so humbled to be a part of this in even a small way- like buying a wok.

And I gotta give a shout out to all the Indy Moms... I have been so impressed, so touched, so inspired by the outpouring of support... I'm watching moms come together and organize efforts to adopt other moms who are struggling this holiday season... and it just touches my heart and soul... to be part of that community but to also witness the power of these women. It's amazing. Truly.

So what are you shopping for this holiday season? Are filling your heart as well as your shopping bags? I'd love some warm fuzzies if you've got stories to share!


michelle said...

I love the idea of bellowing "five go-old rings" at nasty mall shoppers. Can you imagine the looks you'd get back!

Garret said...

You are so frickin' organized. All these parenting tricks. Does Jeff embrace them or think you're kooky?

mimbles said...

Yay for getting most of your shopping done! I wish I was a bit further on with it than I am. I like your categories for controlling the Christmas splurge, very clever :-)

Mrs4444 said...

How great to be part of Indy Moms. That's inspiring. I also like your gift plans for this year.

Nothing heart-warming going on yet...I'll keep you posted.

Karen M. Peterson said...

My friend has done the want/need/wear/read thing for a couple of years with her kids and she says it works out really well.

And what a wonderful thing you are doing for that family. I can't imagine how hard it must be to be in that dad's shoes and I think it's awesome that you are reaching out to help.

Alison said...

Miss Chef had a couple of hours to shop today--between sleeping in and going to work--so I rode along with her. We had to go to the upscale shopping center on our side of town, where we witnessed the most ridiculous display of impatient horn-honking in the parking lot. These people have so much more than they need, and are getting irritated because it takes them 15 extra seconds to get into a parking space?

Merry Christmas, jerkfaces.

Most of my holiday shopping is being done in our pantry...remember all that strawberry stuff we canned last spring? Merry Christmas, Mom, Dad, Brother and assorted friends! Done and done!

Garret said...

Hmmmm, I never got a reply on this one.

Eternal Lizdom said...

I'll have to make sure Jeff has actually read the comments and knows there is a question directed to him!!

Jeff said...

@Garret, Of course she's kooky that's why I embrace her.

Amy said...

We don't do the want/need/wear/read thing, though it's a good idea. In our house, Santa brings 3 gifts - like Jesus got from the wisemen, and mom and dad give 1. My kids are getting old enough to exchange gifts with each other, so we might do that, too.