Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Fragments 12.18.09

It's Friday which means... actually, it's Thursday night for me... it's been a long day... Go visit Mrs4444... she's cool... and she's our hostess with the mostest... click the button above...


I'm tired.


It's been a crazy, busy, wonderful week! I plan to blog details- soon, I hope. Tuesday evening was Teagan's preschool Christmas program. It was adorable. I hope the video Jeff took turns out and that he has time to edit it this weekend so I can show you the highlights! Teagan was adorable and did awesome! Even when faced with some tough stuff, she handled it all like a pro. A fantastic evening!! Wednesday was the church program that I was also part of (but kept forgetting, all day long, that I had a job to do in the program!!). I was the narrator and the kids did the singing. It was fantastic and the parents and friends and family really enjoyed it!


When I hear my husband chanting "sack, sack, sack" from the living room, I really hope he's watching football and not some gross adult channel...


I'm tired.


I cannot believe next week is Christmas and 2009 is coming to a close. Crazy!


I have Christmas cards to mail out. I hope they make it into envelopes, the envelopes get addressed, and they get stamped and mailed before Christmas! Ack!


I'm tired.


Christmas Eve will be interesting. I've been to our church service a couple of times and enjoyed it. But with the kids being so little, we haven't gone the past few years. This year, we are taking both kids to the family service at 7. I'm singing with Music Team. Then we come home, open 2 presents (pre-set on beds- pj's and ornaments), read some books, get snuggled in, kids go to bed. Jeff and I will handle stockings and such. Then I run back to church for the more traditional Lessons and Carols service at 11. Whew! Then we are up and at 'em first thing Christmas morning and then off to Cincinnati for Christmas Day with my family.


This weekend, we will either go to the Children's Museum OR go to Conner Prairie. Conner Prairie is free on Saturday so I am really leaning towards that option. Plus, it's much closer to home and will most likely be less crowded.


Guess what I'm doing today? I finally get to meet my blogging friend, Amy of The 4th Frog! WAHOO!! We are having lunch today. She's meeting up with me to deliver a gift she's donating to the Graddy Family and it just turns out to be a great excuse to finally meet each other and spend an hour together!!


Did I mention that I'm tired?


Saturday morning, Teagan got up and asked if she could go to dance class that day. I was happy but my heart crumbled a bit because I had to tell her that we can't just drop in any day, we have to plan ahead and I have to call the studio and make sure there is still room for her in the class. She had wanted to go so she would be there to dance The Nutcracker in class. I love that she remembers that!


I think my shopping is done. I hope my shopping is done. Now... the wrapping must begin.


I think I'm too tired to write good fragments this week... so I'll just sign off for now. Must get some sleep! Happy FRIDAY FRAGMENTS!


4 Lettre Words said...

I have a couple packages to mail out today and dread the PO trip.

Hope you get some rest! :o)

Stacy Uncorked said...

I have some final shopping to do - hopefully it'll be all done today. Then the wrapping can begin and hopefully the stuff I'll be sending to family and friends out West will be ready to go on Monday. Maybe. I still haven't gotten my Christmas cards ready - it's on my very long 'to do' list, too.

It is a tiring time of year, isn't it? And 2009 seems to have been the year that flew by faster than any other! :)

Happy FF! :)

Unknown said...

I was LOL so hard @ When I hear my husband chanting "sack, sack, sack" from the living room, I really hope he's watching football and not some gross adult channel... I can so relate to that one...oh and I'm tired too!

enjoyed your FF

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Have a great time meeting your friend!!

Is yelling SACK, SACK, SACK at porn the wrong thing to do? ;)


Kori said...

sack sack sack...or is it sick sick sick that we have all focused on that one fragment? :)

Alison said... sound...overscheduled.

Why must we take every little moment of celebration and turn it into a collection of obligations? Shopping, wrapping, cards, mailing, shows, visiting, decorating, traveling, cooking, cleaning (think of all that wrapping paper), thank-you cards, undecorating, returns...ugh. How do we get off this merry-go-round?

(word verif: pricit...what we've done to the Christmas holiday?)

Eternal Lizdom said...

But it's only a collection of obligations if our hearts aren't in it. Yes, I'm tired. Yes, we will be very busy. But less busy than others. Not going into debt. Doing lots for good will giving in the spirit of St Nicholas. I'm busy because I choose to be. I choose to sing at both services on Xmas Eve. I choose to take my kids to see Xmas lights and to special holiday events around town. I choose to have lots of things I would love to do this holiday season... and I've always said that what we get to is great but we are totally flexible. We've had plenty of down time on the weekends and the kids have handled the past few busy evenings better than I anticipated.

And, personally, I'm a huge fan of merry-go-rounds. Especially the old classics that have been well kept.

mommytoalot said...

Oh the shopping..but the wrapping takes so much more time.
great post

Joanie said...

I'm jealous that you get to meet Amy! Hug each other for me!

I meant to say, if you get to go to Sesame Place this summer, perhaps John and I could meet you there! I'm only an hour away (and I think closer from John's place) We love water parks!

mub said...

It so doesn't feel like Christmas is on Friday to me... I'm freaking out a little bit actually *L* I'd love to send you a nice box of sleep, but I don't think it works that way!

Mrs4444 said...

There is something kind of magical about a late-night Christmas Eve mass. We talked about maybe switching to that one in the future...

So fun-meeting a blogging friend IRL. I'd like to do that, too, but I never hear of anyone who lives near me! :(

I'm guessing you're not as tired, now that the hubbub is over-with. Hope you get to relax a little now :)