Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas at Conner Prairie

So much going on the next couple of days! So I’ll just share a bunch of pics (click to see them big size) from our recent holiday adventures!


I do have some memories of my mom and I making gingerbread houses with graham crackers and icing. And it’s a tradition that I enjoy passing on to my kids. We haven’t done a house at home this year, but they did the graham cracker and icing houses at school. Grandma has actual gingerbread houses ready to be decorated on Christmas day. And we went to Conner Prairie last weekend and enjoyed the Gingerbread display.

Teagan’s gingerbread house from school- followed by pics of Teagan enjoying her sugar high and a nice pic of the kids sharing the gingerbread house.


Some of the pics of the professional gingerbread houses we saw- amazing detail!

gbread6 gbread3 gbread5gbread4

And some pics of our trip to Conner Prairie. The grounds were beautiful in the snow. We enjoyed our visit so much that we got a membership! It’s a real deal- the annual family membership is only $65 and they were doing a promotion for $5 off! So I guess you can expect a lot more pics from CP over the next year.

CP12 CP1 CP2 CP3 CP4

Ca-Joh, Flartus, and my other cooking buddies- I thought of you when I saw how they were cooking the turkey for that night’s feast!

CP5 CP6 CP7 CP8 CP9 CP10 CP11

Connor Prairie also afforded Zach his first time to really play in and experience the snow. He was out in it last year but it didn’t mean much. This year, he discovered the raised garden beds at one of the CP homes and we had to almost literally tear him away…

CPSnow1 CPSnow3CPSnow2 CPSnow4 CPSnow5CPCut2 CPCut1

I hope you are enjoying your Christmas Eve or your Thursday or whatever you have going on today!


Jeanne Estridge said...

The nice thing about the graham cracker houses is that you can actually eat them, which is NOT true of the other kind. I tried taking some of the leftover gingerbread from my home-making activities into work a couple of years ago and discovered that there actually is a species of free food computer programmers won't touch.

Connor Prairie looks like a very cool place!

Wishing you your best Christmas ever!

Deborah Stewart said...

Your pictures of Conner Prairie make it look like such a warm and cozy place to be - no wonder you decided to become a member.

I love the gingerbread houses but I haven't tried to make one in years and the one I did make didn't look anything like the ones in your pictures.

Garret said...

I love the houses too. I toyed with the idea of making a gingerbread trailer. I Googled for images and found lots of inspiration. It's funny. I decided against it due to the lack of space, lack of a safe place to store it away from pets, and lack of time.

Alison said...

Gingerbread barn! How cute!

That is one ginormous turkey they've got there. I'll have to show that to Miss Chef and see if she wants to try doing our duck in front of the fireplace. (Of course, I bet they don't have any long-hair bushy-tail mutts hanging around their cooking area, licking their chops at the aromas!)

Enjoy your Christmas morning with the kids--I'm sure it will be a blast!

Eternal Lizdom said...

Garret, I remember posting our CP pics of gingerbread last year and then going out and finding you a gingerbread RV!

What's funny is that I consistently get google hits for "gingerbread RV"

Garret said...

I forgot about that! Thanks!

Mrs4444 said...

Wow-Looks like a lot of fun (and Yum)!